Jawed Naqvi

Fascism and other deadly viruses

According to WikiLeaks, an Indian diplomat told the US as early as in 2006 that concerns about biological weapons were

BJP ousts Congress in two states

In Maharashtra, the BJP won 123 of 288 seats. In Haryana, it won an absolute majority on its own for the first time.

Why Emperor Akbar haunts Hindutva

There has been a traditional affinity, even bonding, between Hindu and Muslim extremists of the subcontinent.

How are the Hindus facing Hindutva?

Question for India is: how do the mainstream liberal Hindus perceive their own reality vis-à-vis the Hindu right?

After the deluge, the fog

The BJP was hoping to exploit the Kashmir polls but the floods interrupted its trajectory.

What does Zawahiri really want?

South Asia’s capacity to cope with any major emergency has been shown as ordinary if not dismal.

Keeping our eyes peeled for Ebola

What if the virus travelled to our overpopulated cities or mutated into something more readily contagious?

Modi magic suffers jolt

The most of the adverse outcomes for Narendra Modi came in Bihar where the BJP had done unexpectedly well.

Rise & fall of a Shakespearean hero

Though not the one to plot to overthrow any Duncan he had professed loyalty to, Jaswant Singh betrayed enough fatal.

Looks like the work of the wife

There’s too much Saira Banu, the wife, and too little Madhubala, the love of his life in his book.

Muslims can easily quit their ghettos

Lamenting their own victimhood, India’s Muslims have rarely shown an interest in the wretched lot of other communities.