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Jawed Naqvi

Vajpayee, Modi and a shared DNA

Neither grudging peace with a neighbour nor a state of perpetual confrontation can alter the DNA Modi, Vajpayee share. Updated Oct 06, 2015 09:26am

Will Ganpati bless Bhagat Singh?

Is there hope that Bhagat Singh’s dream of a progressive India stands a chance of being fulfilled? Updated Sep 29, 2015 10:26am

Raavan’s legend lives with Ram

In the dominant Indian narrative, we can’t really imagine Valmiki’s Raavan as a liberator much less a defender of a Published Sep 22, 2015 01:50am

Awaiting India’s Corbyn moment

How would a Corbyn-like approach pitch the mosque vs temple politics that has dominated much of liberal Indian politics? Published Sep 15, 2015 02:18am

Down the road and turn right

Hindu revivalist historiography regards all Muslim rulers of India as anti-Hindu Published Sep 01, 2015 05:15am

NSA talks were doomed, but why?

If terror was the subject of the agreed meeting, the point persons, ideally, should have been the chiefs of ISI and RAW. Updated Aug 25, 2015 08:11am

Dialogue the only option, says Swaraj

Swaraj set near impossible preconditions for NSA talks which looked more designed to deter than to welcome Pakistan. Updated Aug 23, 2015 08:23am

Do they always speak as democrats?

Even in a stable democracy like the United States, the speaker managed to subvert the people’s mandate. Updated Aug 18, 2015 10:54am

Who will bell the Hindutva cat?

The state is stymieing human rights activists, mainly those that had managed to garner some finances. Published Aug 11, 2015 02:00am

A matter of faith in judiciary

In a milieu like India’s, riven with religious identities, even a well-meant inflection in a judgement can trigger Published Aug 04, 2015 06:36am

Who is afraid of Yakub Memon?

In the right-wing mayhem that passes for nationalist virtue, there has emerged hope of a resistance. Published Jul 28, 2015 06:11am