Irfan Husain

Faith and folly

Science is moribund in the Muslim world.

Lunch at Granary Store

For a change switch on to a vegetable dish instead of a meat-based one

Is bigger better?

The PM’s imprint is on many unviable projects.

No exit

Door after door is shutting on Pakistanis.

Barbecuing in summer

Old is gold; only charcoal or wood fire gives that smoky flavour to your barbecue

A Pyrrhic victory?

The list of what needs to be done is long.

Sharks and zombies

One only has to look and sound good on the box.

Easy like Sunday morning

Dining dos and don’ts are as important as delicious food and decorum

Insanity defined

We have seen endless delay and confusion.

Dynastic politics

Younger people are prevented from rising up the ranks.

Scotch bonnets and the bhut jolokia

Imagine, if you can, South Asian food without chillies. I find it hard to get my head around such a travesty. And ...

Status symbols

Our elites behave in an appalling fashion.