Cyril Almeida

Will it ever end?

When Imran climbs down, the N-League moves in for the kill, triggering a re-reaction from Imran. Published Dec 14, 2014 01:36am

What strategy?

Boy, is it good to be the boys again. Raheel goes to the US and it’s the greatest thing ever. Updated Dec 07, 2014 02:45pm

Between hope and fear

The PTI is hostage to its leader’s ambition; the PML-N is hostage to its leadership’s fears. Published Nov 30, 2014 07:28am

Nov 3: still a raw wound

There is no explanation given for why the majority judges thought it would be unjust to order a reinvestigation. Updated Nov 23, 2014 11:42am

The PML-N’s best friend

Imran may be the greatest gift the PML-N has ever received — once it became clear Raheel wasn’t going to take over. Published Nov 16, 2014 06:56am

The old and the new

Blasphemy victims are disproportionately the marginalised: often poor, mostly the wrong denomination and always... Published Nov 09, 2014 07:15am

Analysis: Diplomat in trouble

So well known and popular in Pakistani circles is Ms Raphel, a retired US diplomat who was an adviser on Pakistan. Published Nov 08, 2014 06:50am

The resignation game

When politicians argue over the minutiae of the law, you can bet what they’re really squabbling about is politics. Updated Nov 02, 2014 12:51pm

Report card time

It’s not that Nawaz has done anything fundamentally wrong on the governance front; it’s that he’s done few things right. Published Oct 26, 2014 06:38am

The M word

As with everything politics, there is a good way of going about things and a bad way. Published Oct 19, 2014 06:04am

Malala juxtaposed

Malala simplifies it. You listen to her and you immediately figure out what she’s saying is a very good idea. Updated Oct 12, 2014 09:21am

New converts to Imran

The new protester, who last year was a last-minute voter or didn’t get around to voting at all, is angry about May 2013. Published Oct 05, 2014 07:07am

Ticking clock

The militant complex is so ubiquitous now that few even recognise it as an aberration. Published Sep 28, 2014 02:02am

Crisis is the new normal

If you were Khan or Qadri, would you go home? Go home to what? The prize, the target, sits across Constitution Avenue. Updated Sep 21, 2014 09:39am

Playing both sides

If the chief takes over, he’s the reluctant dictator. If he doesn’t take over, he’s democracy’s hero. Updated Sep 14, 2014 08:32am

Crisis rumbles on

The PML-N did what the PML-N does best: took a good situation and turned it bad. Published Sep 07, 2014 01:10am

When failure is victory

The civilians haven’t been allowed to grow, but events — blessed, cursed, events — have grown. Updated Aug 31, 2014 05:55am

Three, two, one

The defence needs to be more alert, hungrier, fiercer, nimbler than the attacker. Nawaz & co failed that test. Updated Aug 24, 2014 02:09am

The oldest game

Round and round it goes, the civ-mil riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is also quite simple. Updated Aug 17, 2014 11:20am