01 October, 2014 / Zilhaj 5, 1435

Cyril Almeida

Ticking clock

The militant complex is so ubiquitous now that few even recognise it as an aberration.

Crisis is the new normal

If you were Khan or Qadri, would you go home? Go home to what? The prize, the target, sits across Constitution Avenue.

Playing both sides

If the chief takes over, he’s the reluctant dictator. If he doesn’t take over, he’s democracy’s hero.

Crisis rumbles on

The PML-N did what the PML-N does best: took a good situation and turned it bad.

When failure is victory

The civilians haven’t been allowed to grow, but events — blessed, cursed, events — have grown.

Three, two, one

The defence needs to be more alert, hungrier, fiercer, nimbler than the attacker. Nawaz & co failed that test.

The oldest game

Round and round it goes, the civ-mil riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is also quite simple.

Unfit to lead

Qadri will slide back into irrelevance again, but this time he’ll take a fistful of PML-N flesh with him.

A new Kayani moment?

Obsessed with politics, clumsy with security, it’s a horror show of quite stunning proportions.

Election narratives

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Waiting for change

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Sifting through

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Dead wrong

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Darbar politics

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Lurching right

Things will go on changing, just not for the better.

A softening veto

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Missing the point

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