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Cyril Almeida

It’s good to be the Taliban

If you could dream of a partner, there isn’t one better — with more advantage and less cost to yourself — than the Published Nov 29, 2015 01:55am

A trip to forget

It’s like the Americans are trying to say, look, we have business to do and we’ll do that business with you, but we Published Nov 22, 2015 02:20am

Duelling statements

Raheel is experienced enough now.He knows that you can’t just order things to be fixed. That’s not how things work here. Published Nov 15, 2015 06:52am

Nawaz is back

Neither pandering to the right-wing nor helping out the left — that’s pretty much new Nawaz on social issues. Published Nov 08, 2015 01:22am

The third tier

The secret of the 18th Amendment is that it’s exposed the politicians even more. Published Nov 01, 2015 01:17am

A working transaction

The real problem is on the Pakistani side. Because it is a security relationship and it is a relationship with the Published Oct 18, 2015 06:39am

PML-N forever?

By now, here in 2015, it’s become fairly obvious: the PML-N is about as rubbish at governing as the PPP was. Published Oct 11, 2015 01:48am

One country, three policies

There’s Nawaz, as epitomised by Ufa. There’s the FO, with its four points at the UNGA. And then there’s the boys Published Oct 04, 2015 01:56am

King Raheel

It’s easy to forget that we’ve seen all of this before. Published Sep 20, 2015 07:41am

Deterrence on steroids

Credible minimum deterrence was simple, elegant — and enough. But then, the boys decided it was not enough. Published Sep 13, 2015 01:16am

The Modi effect

The two basic Indian goals — turning India into an economic powerhouse and securing India — are intertwined. Doing the Published Sep 06, 2015 01:36am

Gibraltar, Grand Slam and war

We don’t have to rely on uninformed opinion, because there is a uniformed one available. Updated Aug 30, 2015 11:44am

Blame Nawaz

There’s no point in talking about Kashmir. Not now. But there is a way to do it. Updated Aug 23, 2015 01:28pm

Petulant PML-N

Politicians are funny folk. They tend to chafe when others encroach. Published Aug 16, 2015 05:58am

Rewriting history

Curiously, none of the judges thought to examine how a constitutional amendment is passed. Published Aug 09, 2015 07:53am

The old dream

Why is a serious and sustained Afghan Taliban presence in Afghanistan in Pakistan’s interest? Published Aug 02, 2015 07:09am

A frivolous case

Election officials are not the ISI. There’s little that can be kept secret at the constituency level. Published Jul 26, 2015 01:21am

A tale of two meetings

Modi didn’t want to talk, Modi is a hawk, Modi turned up the heat, Modi is to blame. All true enough on the Pak-India Published Jul 12, 2015 06:51am

Missed opportunity

Nobody thought May 2013 was free and fair. It was, though, credible and acceptable. But credible and acceptable can be Published Jul 05, 2015 05:54am