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Analysis: Message in a meeting

Did the political show of unity mean the civil-military crisis was on its way to being defused?

Civ-mil, again

WHEN the chief spoke this week, folk fell over themselves and each other trying to figure out whether the Mush trial...

Not this way

RULE of law. Slamming the door shut on future coups. Righting wrongs of the past. Upholding the Constitution....

Reversing course

THEY don’t want trade. And Nawaz has given them what they want. They’re all trying to play it down.

Crisis state

AFTER a while, the details become meaningless. Nisar did this. The TTP said that. Nawaz insisted on blah. Army said...

The year of dialogue

THERE’S stuff they’ll tell you and there’s stuff they won’t. Usually, it’s what they won’t tell you...

Analysis: Pursuing peace through committees

THE old committee is dead; a new one, stuffed with bureaucrats and one holdover from the previous committee, is born...

The PM of Punjab

SO he saves Punjab. Good for Punjab. What’s in it for everyone else? Don’t bother.It’s not just this talks...

Talk, fight, repeat

THE ceasefire is here, but before that, the plan was here. So let’s start with the plan. It’s our version of...

Dual-track approach

WE already know why he’s doing it, but little has been said about how he’s doing it. Nawaz. On talks. With the...

Taliban 2.0

THE best thing about the Pakistani Taliban was that you could count on them to do something stupid. They got Swat...

A slow, unsure walk to speed

Not only is 4G faster it is rapidly becoming the norm internationally, having been rolled out at start of the decade.

The man who sold Pakistan

WE’RE already in the middle of it, so why not try and figure out the likely small print. Here’s an idea for the...

Dar strikes again

With the ouster of Anwar, the SBP governorship has begun to resemble the prime ministerial hot seat of the 1990s.

Capital bits and bobs

IT’S been one of those weeks, so let’s deal in bite-size nuggets. Here, in no particular order, is the chatter ...

The legal side of terror

Domestically too the twin Protection of Pakistan Ordinances are seen by some legal analysts as an improvement.

The silo effect

FOLLOW the trail of crumbs. There are always crumbs. And sometimes they lead somewhere. The boys want to go after the

Media under Taliban pressure

Whatever the true origins of the threat to the media, this much is clear: journalists expect little respite.

The nothing state

THE easiest thing to do is — nothing. It’s also the easiest thing to forget — that doing nothing is always an...

At war with ourselves

ALL aboard. The train to nowhere is pulling out. Goodbye, Pakistan. Hello, oblivion. Goodnight and good luck. Until...


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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