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Tariq Saeed

Groups led by MPs eye coveted slot

TOBA TEK SINGH: Influential PML-N groups at the district council level are making efforts to seek the central... Published Nov 25, 2015 07:06am

Most poultry farmers give up in Toba

TOBA TEK SINGH: A good number of poultry farmers are facing a crunch time and forced to wind up their business after... Published Oct 24, 2015 06:47am

Modern farming getting popular in Toba

By Tariq SaeedTOBA TEK SINGH: Farmers are taking interest in sowing hybrid maize for a better crop after continuous... Published Sep 17, 2015 06:41am

Hoshiarpuri, the cobbler poet of Toba

TOBA TEK SINGH: Noor Alam Hoshiarpuri is a cobbler by profession but a poet by passion. He belongs to Chak 382-JB,... Published Aug 25, 2015 06:37am

Grape growers thriving in Toba

TOBA TEK SINGH: Abdul Rasheed walks slowly in his three-acre grapevine yard and examines a light green bunch of... Published Jun 04, 2015 07:01am

A sport that is Pirmahal’s pride

TOBA TEK SINGH: A number of farmers enjoyed a unique bull race at Pirmahal’s Nasir Nagar village on Sunday.The... Published Mar 16, 2015 06:49am

Library without facilities

TOBA TEK SINGH: The district council library figures nowhere in the government’s ‘list of priorities’ to keep... Published Dec 05, 2014 06:30am