Stories for: Taimur Sabih

5th Karachi Literature Festival: Writing away from home

The session titled ‘Contemporary Fiction at Home and the Diaspora’ had the tendency to be simultaneously...

5th Karachi Literature Festival: Painting politics

Painters and art lovers, among others, gathered for the highly intriguing session, ‘Arts and the Politics of Our Times'

REVIEW: Weaving the past & present

An unconventional heroic account is the expression that would define Anna Badkhen’s The World is a Carpet the best.

Grading system: Grades on offer

When awarding grades, there must be a vivid, transparent and fair set of criteria for marking the work of each and...

Review of A Refugee in Switzerland by Atther W. Qureshi

The simplest way to describe the narrative of Atther W. Qureshi's A Refugee in Switzerland would be to say that the...

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Judiciary and tolerance

Strains already

Antisocial media

Instant ‘justice’


Scope of suo motu

Another attack on the media

Army security for polio teams

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