Babar Sattar

The mask of anarchy

Is the PTI fighting for a goal larger than the political aggrandisement of Imran Khan?

Revolutionary expediency?

Is the primary aim of Imran Khan’s politics now to hanker after power like his competitors?

Return of the gamekeeper

The problem with the politics of survival is that it sounds the death knell of governance and reform.

How bad is the PPA?

In the journey from Pakistan Protection Ordinance to Pakistan Protection Act, many issues have been addressed.

Seeking justice by force?

Does the PTI not realise that blackmailing a court into meting out desirable outcomes is a perversion of justice?

The reign of Gullu Butts

Do public officials resign when found guilty of heinous crimes or to redeem the moral authority of the government?

Are dark clouds hovering?

We are a nation adrift while our power elites are forging alliances that can produce no good.

Beginning of the end

Altaf Hussain’s ordeal shows the contrast between the UK’s commitment to rule of law and that of Pakistan.

A vigilante state & society

DO you judge a society by how it treats its mighty or its vulnerable? What do you call a state that serves the...

When less is not more

WITH civil-military relations in a state of free fall, the PML-N can’t afford to play the role of a disinterested...

The reign of hawks

WHAT we are witnessing in Pakistan is a meltdown of the state and society, while hawks, intriguers, instigators,...

Our debauched human condition

RASHID Rehman was told in court he would be killed for accepting the brief of a blasphemy accused. And then he was...

Our culture of honour

IN Shooting an Elephant George Orwell writes about how a person loses his own freedom most of all while practising...

Traitors and national interest

“WE cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” Albert Einstein had argued....

Judiciary and tolerance

Babar sattar chief Justice Tassaduq Jillani implored recently that, “we have to protect the constitutional values...

Small men with big egos

WHAT will it take to slap our ruling civil and military elite out of its obsession with egotism, triviality and...