24 October, 2014 / 28 Zilhaj, 1435

Babar Sattar

Changing political landscape

The Multan by-poll’s message is only indirectly for the PML-N and essentially for the PPP in Punjab.

Need for new survival kit

Nawaz Sharif comes across as a distant potentate who can’t be bothered to fight for anything.

A mindset frozen in time

Nawaz Sharif doesn’t seem to understand the sentiment that the PTI is riding on.

Our civil-military muddle

Our polity continues to function on the premise that the military sits atop the food chain.

Dangerous contradictions

The PTI’s conduct raises serious concerns about its commitment to our constitutional order.

Back from the precipice

Imran Khan could still walk away from D-chowk politically much stronger than when he arrived.

A new regime change model?

The problem with a new khaki-backed regime change model is that it regurgitates a failed idea.

An obituary of change

Who wins, who loses? Infighting politicos stand discredited and the khakis empowered.

The mask of anarchy

Is the PTI fighting for a goal larger than the political aggrandisement of Imran Khan?

Revolutionary expediency?

Is the primary aim of Imran Khan’s politics now to hanker after power like his competitors?

Return of the gamekeeper

The problem with the politics of survival is that it sounds the death knell of governance and reform.

How bad is the PPA?

In the journey from Pakistan Protection Ordinance to Pakistan Protection Act, many issues have been addressed.

Seeking justice by force?

Does the PTI not realise that blackmailing a court into meting out desirable outcomes is a perversion of justice?

The reign of Gullu Butts

Do public officials resign when found guilty of heinous crimes or to redeem the moral authority of the government?

Are dark clouds hovering?

We are a nation adrift while our power elites are forging alliances that can produce no good.

Beginning of the end

Altaf Hussain’s ordeal shows the contrast between the UK’s commitment to rule of law and that of Pakistan.