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March, 02 2015

Babar Sattar

Culture of dissent or deceit?

Our Constitution ought to have excluded from the secret ballot all elections involving MPs. Published Mar 02, 2015 07:15am

Our religion problem

Terror is being preached, justified or tolerated in the name of faith and we are doing little about it. Updated Feb 23, 2015 06:42pm

Game of thrones?

Karachi functions under a smog of fear. Isn’t this fear reinforced by the MQM itself? Updated Feb 16, 2015 04:25pm

Our fleeting resolve

Who will build resolve, consensus and a narrative against non-TTP terror in Pakistan? Published Feb 09, 2015 02:45am

Legal and moral abyss

There can exist no rule of law if a society allows individual morality to override the law. Updated Feb 02, 2015 11:47am

Back to the drawing board?

Exposure to any component of our criminal justice system shows the entire structure is rotting. Updated Feb 02, 2015 12:12am

Time to introspect

There are few who can claim that the courts are doing a decent job. Published Jan 19, 2015 01:34am

Death squad as justice

Our proclivity for deluding ourselves and relying on ad hocism is gathering strength. Published Dec 29, 2014 01:32am

New, resolute minority?

The test of our resolve to quit being a terror sanctuary will be tested on at least five fronts. Published Dec 22, 2014 03:08am

Bad faith negotiations?

With goals carved in stone, where is the room for a negotiated settlement? Updated Dec 15, 2014 05:39am

Introspection everyone?

Certain aspects of Imran Khan’s behaviour and policies would give even his well-wishers the jitters. Updated Dec 08, 2014 10:33pm

Muckraking as accountability

For the weak, in the case of loss of reputation due to malicious charges, losses lie where they fall. Updated Nov 24, 2014 09:13am

Is this ship sinking?

How do you correct a wrong without first acknowledging it? Updated Nov 10, 2014 09:20am

Still above the law?

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf continues to portray a sense of entitlement to be treated preferentially. Updated Nov 03, 2014 10:21am

PTI’s means vs ends

Notwithstanding Imran Khan’s resolve, attracting massive crowds will not force Nawaz Sharif out. Published Oct 27, 2014 01:59am

Changing political landscape

The Multan by-poll’s message is only indirectly for the PML-N and essentially for the PPP in Punjab. Published Oct 20, 2014 12:33am

Need for new survival kit

Nawaz Sharif comes across as a distant potentate who can’t be bothered to fight for anything. Published Oct 13, 2014 01:24am

A mindset frozen in time

Nawaz Sharif doesn’t seem to understand the sentiment that the PTI is riding on. Updated Oct 06, 2014 09:05pm