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Enigmatic Pakistan-Afghanistan trade

KP CCI President Usman Bilour feels that anxiety about the future of trade with Afghanistan is misplaced.

Self-serving banks

The weak regulator, SBP, focuses on everything but misses the most essential issue: orientation of the banking sector.

Milking the consumer

Milk companies argue they spend a lot of time & money on ensuring quality but farmers claim they don't get a fair price.

REVIEW: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

PEOPLE like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jeff Bezos of Amazon have created...

Idle textile capacity

Policymakers, bankers face a major challenge in reviving closed units and activating idle capacities in textile sector.

Govt efforts insufficient to reverse looming Disney ban

Govt efforts failed so far to persuade the premier US company to review its decision to reverse looming Disney ban.

Expanding ladies summer wear market

Prices of suits by leading brands will range between Rs5,500 and Rs25,000, depending on quality, design and accessories.

Trapped surplus power

Large businesses with surplus power capacity criticise govt for prohibiting sale of electricity directly to consumers.

Economic growth with industrial bias

The tilt in economic policy facilitating urban sectors in PML-N's govt got a positive response from industry & services.

Deliver the change

Early indicators suggest that gains from GSP+ facility to Pakistan may surpass initial estimates of material benefit.

Schedule for 3/4G licences’ auction

Telecom companies are gearing up for a more demanding business environment as use of social media platforms increases.

Swings in business sentiments

Recent economic data seems to be at odds with business leaders' sentiments, who point to problems in security & energy.

Country image — perception and reality

There's no justification for mindless promotion of products in media, which puts premium on shallowness & sensationalism

Evolving business ecosystem

'A country with 20 million people online and an active social media scene is not what it was a decade back.'

Foreign firms’ investment plans

The solid performance of local, foreign firms has enabled them to utilise their reserves to finance expansion projects.

Entrepreneurship at its best

A new breed of entrepreneurs is penetrating & shaping the urban marketplace, which has evolved dramatically over 20yrs.

Talking trade, with results?

Trade experts value the distance covered on the path of trade normalisation by the Sharif government.

Awaiting logistic turnaround

Relevant experts project eight per cent growth this fiscal year, up from a mere 3.4 per cent recorded during 2012-13.

Between hope and fear

Businesses seem to moving out of state patronage to grow on the strength of productivity and competitiveness.

Return of the ‘feel good’ sentiments

There is a buzz in several sectors of the Pakistani industry hoping to capitalise on the improving business environment.


A state of anarchy

Rape and restitution

Bard for our times

Bridging the abyss


Militant groups in Punjab

Railways: debatable priorities

Surge in Karachi violence

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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