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Legal hurdles in GI for basmati

It is time that the GI-awarding mechanism is rectified and updated to earn approval of the EU for basmati

Timely rains

It is for the first time since mid-1990s that there will be no water shortage during Kharif season, while the share

Upswing in yarn imports

Spinners favour customs duty on the Indian cotton yarn, which is preferred by value-added sectors for its lower price.

Problematic surplus sugar

The decision about how much more sugar be exported will be taken in Sept-Oct when final production figures are available

Stagnant cotton production

January data shows slight increase in export volumes, although press reports suggest notable rise in EU purchase orders.

REVIEW: The Destruction of Hyderabad by A.G. Noorani

Noorani also brings to light the Pandit Sunderlal Committee Report on the massacre of Hyderabad’s Muslim population

Plight of parboiled rice processing units

ALTHOUGH the share of the parboiled rice in the country’s total rice exports is growing and can further be raised...

Pulses: outlook for Rabi crops

THE import of pulses which registered a steady decline in the first half of 2013-14 was up again in the month of...

Saudi firm interested in meat processing

A State-Owned Saudi livestock firm, whose chief visited Pakistan last month, has shown interest in investing in the...

Rising threat to crops from climate

Climate change is severely affecting the banana, tomato, seasonal vegetable & fruit crops in Sindh due to a cold wave.

Issues in devolution

THE National Assembly’s standing committee on national food security met on January 15 to consider fixation of...

Neglected rain-fed agriculture

THE Rabi crops in the country’s rain-fed areas are likely to be affected by below normal rainfall forecast for the...

Need for an efficient seed market

A MAJOR reason for the agriculture sector’s low productivity is attributed to the failure of governments to ...

Surge in urea imports as domestic output falls

Although shortage of urea in sowing seasons has become a perennial feature, the availability situation has worsened.

WTO consent to farm subsidies

While Pakistan opted out of the 9th WTO ministerial, India managed to secure subsidies for its food security programme.

Rice output forecast and export outlook

Pakistan's rice exports have come under severe pressure from the high cost of inputs and electricity shortages.

No change expected in wheat support price

Some legislators believe that any denial or delay in revising the prices could lead to a ‘crisis’ in the food sector.

Potato crop delayed by climate change

The delay in early harvesting of potato crop in Punjab caused its prices to skyrocket across the country last month.

Dramatic turn in Karkey dispute

THE dispute between Pakistan and the Turkish energy firm Karadeniz Holding’s subsidiary Karkey took a dramatic ...

Focus on halal meat market

A team of Malaysian officials visited several abattoirs in Lahore to ensure that meat exports to Malaysia were halal.


Misguided optimism

Late call for unity

Politics as parody

Piety and cheating


Sectarian violence

Gilgit-Baltistan alienation

Fatah-Hamas unity

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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