Ashfak Bokhari

Response to climate change impacts

Although being one of the most vulnerable countries to the worst climate effects, Pakistan amazingly appears more

Water storages cannot be wished away

A major victim of neglect on the part of successive governments has been the country’s agriculture whose demand for

Crop sowing may be delayed

The ministry of production and industries proposed the import of at least 600,000 tonnes of urea for the rabi season.

Climate change plays havoc

The country’s climate change department is dysfunctional, as several senior positions continue to remain vacant and...

Revamping cattle markets

The sellers will be provided all sorts of facilities in the upgraded cattle market while the number of staff...

Time to reinvent Indus Waters Treaty

Pakistan has raised objections on the sites of Ratle, Pakal Dul, Miyar and the Lower Kalnai hydropower projects and has

Cheaper wheat imports

The Ukrainian wheat that Pakistani millers have bought is rain-damaged and of lower quality, which is one cause of its

How to avoid EU ban on mango

The merit of a plant installed at mango farms is difficult to determine: whether or not they meet the ...

Potato traders’ tenacity

According to Indian media, so far the potato exporters from the state of Punjab were selling their produce to Pakistani

A subsidy stuck in limbo

No one in the finance ministry has so far spelled out how the Rs14bn subsidy on DAP provided in the budget 2014-15....

Camel trade in danger

Pakistan may be able to fill the gap if Saudi Arab bans camel imports from Somalia. There is a great demand for the

Agriculture sector not a priority

ON June 14, a ruling party senator took his party to task in the Senate for ignoring the agriculture sector in the...

Review: In Place of Memoirs

NOT all ambassadors are equal. Some are more equal and enjoy more importance. But there are a few who have direct...

Rice exporters’ dilemma

RICE exporters feel the government has let them down badly by ignoring their key concerns in the new budget despite ...

Sugar: a crisis of surpluses

Faced with excess stock, sugar millers are demanding that the government not only allow them to export an unrestricted