Ashfak Bokhari

Ripples in global rice market

India’s move to sell basmati at lower prices had taken a toll on Pakistan’s exports. Published Jan 25, 2016 06:47am

Law to protect plant breeders

WITH the introduction of the Plant Breeders’ Rights Bill 2015 in the National Assembly on November 27 by the... Published Dec 07, 2015 06:56am

Looming water crisis

The federal govt is in the process of framing a water policy, which should be ready by the end of the year. Published Nov 23, 2015 06:10am

Tractor industry in a dilemma

Pakistani tractors are affordable for middle-class farmers in the country and are sold in large numbers. Published Nov 16, 2015 06:55am

Elusive subsidy on fertilisers

The key snag in the implementation of this year’s package is the reluctance of two provinces to pay their share. Published Nov 09, 2015 07:18am

Level-playing field for farmers

A group of 46 developing countries has introduced a proposal at the WTO to change the rules and allow them to invest Published Oct 26, 2015 06:41am

Inaction on climate change

Both the federal and provincial governments are ill-prepared to take up even modest projects. Published Oct 12, 2015 06:02am

Eyeing Russia’s farm market

There is a big demand in Russia for seafood such as shrimps, prawns and shellfish and also for hard cheese and marbled. Updated Sep 28, 2015 07:37am