Mohiuddin Aazim

Value-chain agri financing

THE State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a ‘Value-Chain Contract Farmer Financing’ scheme to build liaison...

Revisiting ACU payment system

Bankers point out that while the pace of clearing of forex transactions through the Asian Clearing Union has been...

Poor grain storage infrastructure

Both Sindh and Punjab are undertaking silo-building projects with technical help from the IFC, which had conducted a

Post-flood farm credit needs

In 2010, the SBP launched a subsidised refinance scheme for the revival of farm activities in flood-affected areas.

Leather industry after floods

The quality of tanned leather has improved over the last few years, pushing up per-unit price.

Subdued speculations in exchange rate

Speculators’ ability to distort exchange rate outlook is weakening as fresh statistics and information keep pouring in.

Packaging industry shaping up

Industry sources say dozens of small factories operating in the informal sector across the country continue to...

Microfinance striking roots

The challenge for microfinance banks is to now penetrate deeper into micro enterprises and the SME market.

Bird farming on the increase

“Two, three years ago we used to import ostrich eggs and baby birds (for commercial rearing) but now these are also...

Growing dairy and meat industry

‘The main reason for price hike of dairy and meat products is costlier electricity and animal feed

Banks make better profits

Bankers caution that the profitability trend for the rest of the year would depend on the fate of mega infrastructure

Politics takes its toll on rupee

Explaining the rupee’s fall, some bankers say the local currency was already overvalued and point out that export

Start-ups in agri business

In many parts of rural Punjab and Sindh, renting of solar-powered tubewells, installation of community-dedicated solar

Persisting issues in SME financing

Instead of looking at just non-performing loans, people associated with SMEs propose that banks look at their ratio

Fatter fruit exports

Exporters expect to earn half a billion dollars through foreign sales of fruits during this fiscal year

Stocks eat up fixed deposits

Offering lucrative returns to lure fixed deposits is not easy as companies are using liquidity to expand businesses.