I.A. Rehman

A matter of life and death

Hitherto, in most cases, high courts struck down the sentence of death in Section 295-C cases.

The IDPs deserve better

Despite the government’s claims regarding IDP rehabilitation, the road ahead is bumpy.

Populism’s second coming

The present wave of populism is manifestly different from the earlier phenomenon.

Umerkot marchers’ tale of woe

Why must a community be forced to undertake a long march for the redressal of its grievances?

Voters with disabilities

A correct way to proceed would be to accept persons with disabilities as essential stakeholders.

Misery that was avoidable

There is more to water management in Pakistan than inter-provincial squabbles over water theft.

Journalists under attack

Media persons are victims not only of those hostile to their calling, they are also targeted by ‘friendly’ patrons.

Sanity amidst anarchy

Balochistan has become the second province after Punjab to ban private moneylending.

Let’s have a king

History will surely be interested in the anatomy of the Islamabad trial of democracy.

The lost week that was

The government courted trouble by appearing to be without a political response to the situation.

Five causes of the crisis

The state apparatus has failed to adapt to the needs of a democratic dispensation.

Layers of gender inequality

Our planners will find much food for thought in a recent collection of studies on gender inequality.

Poverty of understanding

While real issues are ignored, a great deal of energy is being wasted on misleading the people through slogans.

Civil society vs the state

The government need not be upset if civil society starts examining its conduct.

The chaos-makers

It is doubtful whether the people will endorse Qadri’s agenda for a crypto-theocracy.

The enemy within

Several religious seminaries all over Balochistan have greatly influenced the thinking of the young generation.

The scholar sardar

Khair Bakhsh Marri was optimistic about his goals.

Perils of insensitivity

The all too frequent instances of government insensitivity can have dangerous repercussions.