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I.A. Rehman

No Kewalram amongst us?

There is no record of the way scores of libraries in the cities and towns of Pakistan were ravaged. Published May 21, 2015 02:26am

Enforcing women’s right to vote

Unprecedented in our electoral history is the JI chief’s defence of women’s disenfranchisement. Published May 14, 2015 12:51am

Who is killing the good ones?

Each time a good Pakistani is felled, the wounds caused by the killing of others are reopened. Published May 07, 2015 12:42am

After the NA-246 polls

While the MQM’s margin of victory was quite impressive, the party cannot conceal its problems. Published Apr 30, 2015 01:47am

Move for a broad gag law

The authors of cybercrime bill have tried to mislead the public by using Article 19 to cover up their gag plan. Updated Apr 23, 2015 02:11am

Democratise state business

The Rules of Business pay little attention to the decision-making processes in the realm of external relations. Published Apr 09, 2015 01:13am

‘What I must know’

Shouldn’t we introspect before assuming an impossible-looking role in lands we do not know well enough? Published Apr 02, 2015 01:33am

Beware the rightward slide

The absence of the left makes the government vulnerable to pressures from the extreme right. Published Mar 26, 2015 12:35am

Lack of good governance

What is the hitch in creating a statutory commission to deal with minorities’ problems? Published Mar 19, 2015 01:25am

Land reform or bust

That economic progress depends on the judicious use of our land resources is self-evident. Published Mar 12, 2015 02:26am

Hazards of privatisation

The government cannot continue to disregard the countrywide protests of labour organisations. Published Mar 05, 2015 06:42am

Writers take centre stage

Literary festivals can bring the two estranged cousins, India and Pakistan, closer together. Published Feb 26, 2015 02:19am

Laws cut out for abuse

Lawmakers must not adopt laws that deny the citizens their right to due process. Published Feb 19, 2015 12:36am

A season of hope in Sri Lanka

The new Sri Lankan president has promised a complete overhaul of the state apparatus. Published Feb 12, 2015 01:33am

After Obama’s India visit

The US president’s decision to court Modi is consistent with Washington’s attitude towards India. Updated Feb 05, 2015 10:32am

Crises of governance

The idea that teachers should be given arms is not only ridiculous it is also dangerous. Published Jan 29, 2015 12:30am

Madressah & education reform

Madressahs must be ready to accept the principle of regular audit of their accounts. Published Jan 22, 2015 01:04am

State vandalism in Lahore

More important than technical flaws in the expressway project is the extent of dislocation it will cause. Published Jan 15, 2015 06:58am