Abbas Nasir

Inspiration from afar

How can one be hopeful when for many young male Malala-haters it appears but a short hop to embracing IS-type ideology?

So sorry, Mehrin Kauser

Every Mehrin Kauser, like every Malala Yousafzai, is a living testament to the failure of terrorism to break the...

Of our need for superheroes

We feel no need to reflect on what our individual contribution is towards the mess we are in today.

Daunting agenda awaits ISI chief

The most interesting choice and the one which will generate most speculation is that of Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar.

What can wait, what can’t

Whether it is Balochistan or Karachi or any other part of Pakistan, religious extremism and intolerance are now posing

Win some, lose some

In reverting to try its hand at nation-building, the army, or some elements in it, are giving the impression that...

A day of shame

The government’s inertia has pushed matters to where they stand today.

Death by a thousand cuts

If political parties were talking to each other as they would in any democracy we would have had a lot of answers by now

No ifs and Butts please

Who else would be more at ease with seeing the ‘third force’ coming to their rescue than the Chaudhrys from Gujrat?

Who’ll save the day?

It is pointless for now to examine what ails the Muslim world, but it is worthwhile keeping Pakistan in our sights.

In the holiday spirit

Where the Saudi royals are concerned, the best and finest destinations in the sand and sun category are for them.

Needless point-scoring

From Imran Khan to those representing the PML-N, PPP and MQM, each one has excelled in the point-scoring exercise.

A tale of many universes

The picture is so confused that we don’t know whether it is steeped in hilarity or simply a tragedy.

Only prayer of winning the war

There are elements in the defence forces that need serious reorientation training if there are to be lasting gains.

Global isolation is not an option

If security is not tightened around all airports, the next incident could trigger a sterner response from foreign...

No point being pessimistic

Mobilising political workers can ensure that prayer leaders are more amenable to talking of peace and amity.

Waiting for God

If it were not for wishful thinking, what else would make so many of us get up in the morning?

Wake-up calls aplenty

WHO in our young nation’s often traumatic life has learned a lesson from history? Surprised at not finding an...

Reflect or perish

Are we in a state of collective denial? It’s difficult to say.