Abbas Nasir

Reminisce — it’s less painful

High on the list of those being hunted by Saifur Rehman’s men was Benazir Bhutto’s former director general of FIA Rehman Published May 21, 2016 02:25am

Dreams and rude reality

Pakistan needs to consider embarking on a path similar to South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Published May 14, 2016 06:22am

Polio exit is one push away

Despite the threat from terrorists, polio workers in the country have fought a heroic battle against the infection. Published Apr 30, 2016 06:01am

For now, focus on the positive

The primary purpose of the leak appeared to be to demonstrate that while there may be corruption in the army it is being Published Apr 23, 2016 06:29am

Haunted by a distant past

Against the backdrop of officially propagated ‘piety’, many of Gen Zia’s colleagues in khaki acquired much wealth. Published Apr 16, 2016 02:09am

Business as usual soon?

There is no ‘evidence’ so far that the poor PM has benefited from his children’s good fortune. Published Apr 09, 2016 06:46am

Thank God for Sana Mirs

These forces of darkness can’t be dismissed lightly. They are fighting an existential fight too. Updated Mar 26, 2016 01:50pm

The Kamal challenge

To anyone who follows Karachi’s politics it is clear that Mustafa Kamal & Co do not pose a serious threat to Altaf ... Updated Mar 19, 2016 09:16am

Women at the helm

It isn’t difficult to imagine what Pakistan will look like given where our women have got to despite obstacles. Updated Mar 12, 2016 10:55am

Prime-time shame

This contempt for over half our population, which is propagated in the name of faith, must somehow stop. Published Feb 27, 2016 06:45am

Let’s bury another daughter

That a girl, who battled so many challenges to seek an education, should kill herself is a damning indictment of system. Updated Feb 20, 2016 08:25am

The dangers ahead

The DG IB’s assertion about IS was at odds with the man he directly reports to:Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Published Feb 13, 2016 06:53am

Similar origins, divergent paths

One chose a totally different path in his later life, while the other remained constant to his earlier beliefs. Published Feb 06, 2016 01:28am

Nisar should heed wise counsel

Two things have happened since the 1990s to make the interior minister bitter and averse to criticism. Published Jan 30, 2016 06:31am

A clichéd column

As in the APS tragedy, the heroes of Charsadda didn’t have a choice either. Published Jan 23, 2016 01:06am

A fight worth fighting

Now, suddenly, raids are being conducted at Jaish-run institutions in Bahawalpur and Sialkot. Published Jan 16, 2016 06:56am