Aamir Yasin

PML-N’s troubles within

Rawalpindi’s party organisation is by now effectively divided into three groups

PML-N’s troubles within

The ruling party is effectively divided into two groups in Rawalpindi city; one is loyal to the interior minister....

past tense

Only a few passersby on Ghazni Road would know that the building which houses the Special Branch’s police office...

CDGR approves Rs10 billion budget

More than 90 per cent of the funds will be utilised for the salaries of the 30,822 employees of the CDGR.

Past Tense

This Hindu crematorium, or Shamshan Ghat, Rawalpindi has managed to defy attempts by many-a would-be usurper. The

325 PHA employees not paid salaries

RAWALPINDI: About 325 employees, including 125 permanent staff, of the Parks and Horticulture Agency (PHA) have not...

Homeless under the bridge

You awake to the sounds of morning traffic. The rising sun stings your eyes as you sit up, coughing as a plume of...