What happens when your parents are executed in Saudi Arabia?

8-year-old Beenish says her parents have gone to heaven, but she's already been to the hell of a Saudi jail with them.

Updated Mar 13, 2020 09:07am

Little Beenish does not like to talk to people. When spoken to, she chides the person: “You love to ramble on, don’t you?”

Just eight years old, her expressions are grave, as those of a much older person. Underscored by the dupatta wound tightly around her head, Beenish is a tiny child who never smiles.

She knows only silence and solitude. She often locks herself up in a room in her maternal uncle’s house so that no one can bother her. She does not play with other kids her age and has no interest in their games.

They did not play many games in prison.

Beenish was just five years old when her parents took her with them for umrah to Saudi Arabia. Her father was over the moon, recalls his family.

One of her father’s acquaintances, who claimed to be a travel agent, had arranged their visas and travel documents. His brother, Imdad, says they didn’t even know he and his family had passports.

After all, he was a poor labourer who took on whatever work he got his hands on to get by — he would be a butcher or a mason, depending on the season.

His family figured he wanted to go pray for stability, for a more comfortable life, even for affluence. Little did they know he and his wife will never return.

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The family of three left their home in July with the travel agent. The extended family later found out they had departed for Saudi Arabia on July 10, 2016. Their best guess is that they boarded the plane from Multan International Airport. This is where the nightmare began.

Upon landing in Jeddah, Saudi authorities detained the family for transporting heroin to the Kingdom. The father was imprisoned separately while the mother and daughter were kept together in Jeddah’s Dhahban Prison.

Their family back home had no contact with them for the first few weeks. They only heard rumours about what happened to him, his wife and their young daughter.

Imdad says they heard so many different versions of what had happened they did not know what or who to believe. But his father recalls telling his son that he was unsure if he would ever get to see him again.

Threatened with death, the family was forced to carry heroin by the travel agent and they were arrested as soon as they landed, as the Saudis found the drugs on them. This is according to the couple's family. There is no way to verify it since the couple is dead and no independent investigation has been done by either the Pakistani or Saudi authorities.

Beenish spent the next six months with her mother in Dhahban. One cannot fathom what impact the incarceration had on the child’s development.

She started speaking less and less. Six months later, she was shifted to a facility for children. Barely old enough to attend grade school, Beenish was made to live in a room with three other girls around the same age, perhaps just a little older.

Here there was a little more freedom. They were allowed to watch television, play basketball in the compound outside and even given treats by their teacher.

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She picked up Arabic and slowly started conversing with the other girls. But fear often stalked Beenish late into the night. Sometimes she would ask her friend Salma to sleep on the same bed as her.

Beenish and the other girls attended school and Quran lessons outside the facility. She says they were driven to another place in a white vehicle with sliding doors. Apart from that, she rarely left the building.

She only saw her father twice over a period of more than two years there. He was difficult to recognise. His head was shaven and the shackles binding his hands made him look unfamiliar and frightening. She refused to speak to him.

Her meetings with her mother were more frequent. They would meet every month or two. During the meetings, Beenish would not talk in front of the prison guards and her mother often took her to the toilet to coax a word or two out of her.

The mother would remind Beenish of her aunts and uncles back home. Beenish, however, only knew the prison guards at Dhahban and the police officers who visited the facility where she lived. She knew them by their uniforms. She knew that her teacher would cover her face when they arrived.

Around six months ago, Beenish's maternal aunt, whose husband worked in Saudi Arabia, looked into the possibility of bringing Beenish back to Pakistan. Her husband used his contacts and was told Beenish could return to Pakistan given that they produce valid documents to prove their close relation.

The aunt then collected the relevant paperwork and flew to Saudi Arabia to bring her niece back. They contacted the Pakistani embassy which facilitated a meeting with Beenish, who only spoke Arabic and had to be interpreted by a translator.

Her last meeting with her mother was mostly mute. The two elder women wept while Beenish braced for yet another upheaval. After spending over two years in detention in a foreign country, away from her family, she would be going back to her hometown leaving her parents behind.

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These past six months have been tough for Beenish and her guardians in Pakistan. They find it difficult to communicate with her. Her uncle, who already has several mouths to feed, tries to please her when he can. He says she likes to eat rice and meat and her favourite fruit are strawberries.

Last weekend, Beenish’s grandfather’s house was teeming with visitors. They had come to condole the death of her parents, beheaded by the Saudi government. Her mother was the first Pakistani female prisoner to be executed in five years.

She sits quietly with her younger brother, who did not accompany them to Saudi Arabia, in a corner.

Visitors stream in and out — some curious, others crying, all sympathetic. They inquire about the bodies. The family has no answer. They contacted the Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia, but the mission claimed to have no information about the executions.

The family has been pleading to anyone who cares to listen to bring the bodies back — for closure, a final goodbye.

One of the visitors asks Beenish about her parents: “They’ve gone to heaven,” she replies.

She has already been to hell with them.

Names have been changed to ensure anonymity

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Apr 19, 2019 04:01pm
So many at fault, yet not one won't find a solution to this predicament.
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Apr 19, 2019 04:14pm
Typical Saudis with no regards of law and human rights.
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Apr 19, 2019 04:33pm
Unbearable even to read. So so sad.
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Apr 19, 2019 04:41pm
No one cares for poor people. The world is only made for the rich. I feel very sorry for the poor child.
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Apr 19, 2019 05:16pm
I am so sad reading this. Why does all this happen particularly to children. What kind of world have we created?
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Apr 19, 2019 05:50pm
@Imzu, You are blaming Saudis for this .... Kuddos
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Abdul Muqtadir
Apr 19, 2019 05:53pm
@Imzu, The Saudis followed the Law. Drug Trafficking is serious and they were held and executed per law. Why was it so important to go to Saudi Arabia that he accepted Drugs to be carried? And if that is true that the Travel Agent forced them, then the Agent should be held. Was he?
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dilip agrawal
Apr 19, 2019 05:59pm
two sikkhs neck were cut some days ago in saudi arabia.chief minister of punjab has asked a report on death of sikkhs in saudi arabia from foreign minuster sushama.it is short coming of goverment.no can do any thing in saudi.the solutiion is only to educate public and.help public in saudi arabia. but officers not care poor men
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Apr 19, 2019 06:50pm
Can Pakistan airport authorities do a better job by checking people and their luggage. If they are caught here then hopefully they can be treated in a more humane manner. Saudi has no special equipment, Pakistani airport authorities should detect drugs before takeoff.
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Apr 19, 2019 06:55pm
I will never visit Saudi Arabia, land of disregard for humanity and backwardness. Where is Naya Pakistan reaction in this case?
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Apr 19, 2019 07:15pm
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Apr 19, 2019 07:20pm
Subcontinent leaders should come together and talk to saudi arbia but it is unfortunate no one is thinking of poor people.
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Zeeshan Hussain
Apr 19, 2019 07:21pm
@Imzu, have some sense how the system works in the world for good..I would say typical law enforcing Saudis.Some 30 years ago when I was a primary student, even than I knew, drugs and alcohol smuggling means capital punishment in Saudi Arabia. You cant just sell the Agent putting drugs in your luggage or stomach story. I see them as a government that is trying their level best to help their own citizens.Ever Boarded a Saudi Air flight? Even the flight Stewards do a double checkup in Pakistan before letting passengers board the plane ,though its not part of the regular duty.What else Saudis can do. When it comes to executions, Saudi execute only a fraction and system is far more transparent than your next door neighbors Iran and China
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Apr 19, 2019 07:22pm
@Imzu, they have a law of execution for anyone who brings narcotics in the Kingdom and every pilgrim is told repeatedly.
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Apr 19, 2019 07:47pm
When was the last time the Saudis executed one of their own citizens for using drugs and therefore fueling the illegal trade? Only the poor Pakistanis, Bangaldeshis and other downtrodden will be forced as "mules" and executed in that cruel country. The agents, the brokers, the drug-users will all continue to snort their drugs and pad their bank accounts.
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Zubaida khan
Apr 19, 2019 07:55pm
@Imzu, And no blame for the travel agent who had them carry the drugs? The Saudis simply enforced their law, which has been the same since 1973, and by now should be well known to one and all.
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Apr 19, 2019 08:01pm
And Pakistan supports Saudi Arabia?
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Dr. Farhan
Apr 19, 2019 08:10pm
It was heartbreaking to read. But the question arises. Where was the government? Where was the embassy officials? Doesn't the HC know that it is their job to assist all Pakistani in foreign lands in times of need.
Recommend 0
Masud Khan
Apr 19, 2019 08:20pm
The verdict would have been totally different had it been an American or European!!!
Recommend 0
Tayyab qader
Apr 19, 2019 08:33pm
Very unfortunate and sad!
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Apr 19, 2019 08:40pm
So sad... pls don't carry anything for anybody when you are travelling overseas...who knows what it contains. You are playing with your life if you plan to carry anything to help or please anybody...
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Apr 19, 2019 08:41pm
I feel was for the child and the trauma she carries.My condolences to family.
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Apr 19, 2019 08:44pm
I wish Pakistan is one day strong enough for the Suadis not to dare killing innocent Pakistanis.
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Riaz mm
Apr 19, 2019 08:49pm
Terrible tragedy for the child.The incident speaks clearly of total failure and incompetence of our embassy staff in Saudia and of their total insensitivity to fellow Pakistanis facing hardship in Saudia
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Apr 19, 2019 08:53pm
Why is drug smuggling punishable by death! It is barbaric!! While poor are put to death, the whole chain of rich involved in it enjoys luxury life!
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Praveen kumar
Apr 19, 2019 09:58pm
Horrible Saudis laws. It's really terrible . Total barbaric actions . Death by beheading is unimaginable.
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Apr 19, 2019 10:30pm
Heart-wrenching, not sure how much the poor ones of this country will suffer...
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Apr 19, 2019 11:03pm
There are two forces at play. First, Saudi Arabian government. Their respect of human rights is legendary. They have all the money to buy mercenary soldiers, generals and they can hunt endangered species in Pakistan at will. Because, from time time, they throw a billion dollars your way. Heck. They even sought to chair the UN's Human Rights Council. Second, government world, irrespective of the country in question, the law enforcement authorities know much more about the dug traffickers than they admit. Intelligence agencies, around the world are even known, not only to patronize drug traffickers, but also use drug money as slush funds. No wonder the it is the poor people, known as the mules, who pay the price. Either way, the rich consumers have nothing to worry about. Their might in form of money and votes gives them protection. Wishing Beenish, a safe life, since a happy one long disappeared.
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Apr 19, 2019 11:06pm
Please put the picture of that little girl. Let it tear the conscience of the society and its rulers. Keeping her anonymous provides them with a cover to escape the guilt.
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Apr 19, 2019 11:09pm
Any society, which had an iota of humanity left in it, would have at least spared the mother. Now they have created an orphan out of a young child. This is simply heart breaking. Please stay on this story until she receives justice.
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Apr 19, 2019 11:51pm
Made me cry..
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Apr 20, 2019 12:08am
I would like to adopt Beenish and bring her to civilized world where humanity and compassion is practiced according to Islamic laws unlike the country who took her parents. Any contact for Beenish's guardians?
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Apr 20, 2019 12:22am
I am a Tibetan and very sad to hear such a sad outcome to the whole family. Human beings are same in the core, but different in the outside. The difference of religion, race and caste are nothing compared to the sameness of humanity. May Beenish find strength in this hard life.
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Savio De Souza
Apr 20, 2019 12:23am
There has to be a stop to this , many lives are destroyed
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Apr 20, 2019 12:27am
I am shocked by poster defending the saudi and their laws. There are more humane ways of punishing offenders. People can make mistakes due to extreme poverty,mental capacity and other social issues. Its not unknown for vulnerable people to be used as mules
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Ahmad Hassan Malik
Apr 20, 2019 12:46am
If the family or the agent successfully managed to bring the drugs from Multan airport and the family was arrested at Saudi airport, it means Pakistani officials were either negligent or they were accomplice in this crime. They were also be prosecuted in the Saudi court as the crime was discovered in Saudi courts jurisdiction. I think the international airports should work according to the international laws not the domestic one and there should be international tribunals to deal such issues.
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Apr 20, 2019 12:48am
@Imzu, Mr. Imzu, They themselves consume alcohol, drugs, harassing the maid servant, doing adultery, etc, in their own country but without action. Supporting Saudi rules and regulations is barbaric.
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Apr 20, 2019 12:53am
at the risk of callous, the uncle was already in Saudi, knew the laws and any one who has lived there for any period of time knows the concequences. A labror found means to go on umrah with his wife and child and no one asked "where did the money come from". Feel bad for the children, but there is more to the story then what the author haa narrarated
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Apr 20, 2019 12:53am
@farid, pls don't go to Saudi, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and anywhere with Drugs in your stuff. You will meet similar ending!
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Apr 20, 2019 01:06am
Please improve Pakistan's airport security. Drugs are taken to many countries through Pakistan airport. People are caught when the land at the destination
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Abbas Khan
Apr 20, 2019 01:06am
@Zeeshan Hussain, Saudi brutal beheading surpasses all executions in the world. Go google it. Dont bring Iran in to justify your comments.
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Apr 20, 2019 02:13am
@Pakistan1st, exactly that’s the question I think about too. I am pretty sure I’m Saudi there is huge demand for drugs, why don’t authorities fix that first? I get sick to the stomach that every time so called Islamic country punishes someone in such accounts is always a poor person belonging to Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Saudi Arab has a dark law. They have a Slave mentality which they can’t let go of, they suffer from a superiority complex. There is no Muslim Ummah Concept.
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Apr 20, 2019 02:23am
Where is muslim brotherhood?
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Apr 20, 2019 02:28am
I lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years and found their legal system totally barbaric and which applies on mainly to people of poor countries. The spoiled Saudi Youth can get as much drugs as they desire.Saudi prisons are a shame for humanity and many times innocent souls from countries which provide labor get executed.In any civilized society no child will be treated like this.I even hesitate to to acknowledge Saudi Arabia as a Muslim country.
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Dr Asif
Apr 20, 2019 02:30am
Unbearable ordeal. Speechless with judicial system of the whole world as it's in tatters
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Apr 20, 2019 02:41am
Heart Wrenching. Spring revolution demanding civil liberties only solution to KSA excesses.
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Apr 20, 2019 03:11am
@dilip agrawal, Most henius act as most people are innocent and work as currier and don’t know what is handed over to them. I personally hate these laws and the people who carry out the execution, don’t have words to describe.
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Apr 20, 2019 03:44am
@Abdul Muqtadir, I never want to visit this country no matter what what people say and justify their laws.
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Apr 20, 2019 03:47am
Saudi's have 2 religions, one for the so called Royal Family and the privileged citizens of the country, the other religion is for the riff-raff, yet they mesmerize the world in the name of the religion, I had many Arab friends and class mates in the US at the University,
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Apr 20, 2019 03:52am
It is very sad that our country is receiving Money from a country that openly executes people (our Citizens) without due process or a fair trial. People often the target of smuggler gangs who force them to be drug mules or ínnocent. Money is an evil master.
Recommend 0
Nirmal Singh Bhullar
Apr 20, 2019 05:24am
Let the kid grow their instead of poverty
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Apr 20, 2019 05:41am
So sad and tragic story of an oppressed family.....
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Apr 20, 2019 05:46am
Why is Pakistan not catching those drug traffickers behind this
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Apr 20, 2019 05:48am
Prime Minister Imran Khan should submit this article to the Prince of Saudi Arabia. I strongly believe his learned excellency will certainly deliver justice to every affected member of this ill fated and aggrieved family.
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Apr 20, 2019 06:14am
India and Pak & Bangla should band together to solve these common problems instead of fighting each other
Recommend 0
Anurag Gautam
Apr 20, 2019 06:39am
@farid, it's always been so my brother, nomadic people nomadic culture, we have suffered a lot by the hands of these barbaric people past thousands of years.
Recommend 0
Apr 20, 2019 07:06am
@Hashmi, how can he sir, saudhi is a brotherly country.
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Apr 20, 2019 08:00am
Would have been a lot better if they could have just brought back those suffering people instead of money from Saudi.
Recommend 0
Wasim Kureshi
Apr 20, 2019 08:14am
The mother should have let go free, This is not Islamic jurisprudence. This is barbaric, this ruling was carried out is not according to Islamic rule. Islam does not teach to kill both parents of 2 children. The whole Kingdom will pay a heavy price for this barbaric act, A tragedy, very bad ruling.
Recommend 0
Apr 20, 2019 08:37am
@farid, you carry drugs, you get arrested, you get your head chopped off where is human rights violation here? Malaysia and China have similar laws.
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Apr 20, 2019 08:38am
@Pakistan1st, then don't go to Saudi.
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Apr 20, 2019 09:13am
Saudi government did not give these prisoners consular access? Pakistan government did not try? Why this case was not taken to the ICJ, or at least now?
Recommend 0
Apr 20, 2019 09:31am
Its Govt responsibility to punish the real culprits,
Recommend 0
Owais Khan
Apr 20, 2019 09:40am
Very sad indeed too much done on the children but that was too much
Recommend 0
Usman Hameed
Apr 20, 2019 10:00am
So Sad.. I suspect the airport security, in Pakistan, is part of the scam. How come Saudis catch these innocent people as soon as they land in Saudi but we cannot catch the real culprits when they fly from Pakistan?
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Apr 20, 2019 10:06am
India is heaven compare to these country ... democracy is gift to humanity realize when one stuck in dictatorial nation
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Apr 20, 2019 10:36am
This is the same Pakistani consulate in Jeddah that never cared about the well being of Pakistanis even though they take money from travellers as a Ministry if Protectorate. And it’s the same Imran Khan that made false promises he would take care of Pakistanis stranded abroad. All promises and election and post election lies and deceit and misery for the common citizen.
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Apr 20, 2019 11:07am
This is such a hard story to read. It breaks my heart.
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Apr 20, 2019 11:33am
Has Saudi Arabia ever ever executed an American. They dare not. Trump has said Saudi Arabia's King Salman 'would not last two weeks' without US support.
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Apr 20, 2019 11:38am
A very pathetic story. Any action taken against the travel agdnt in Pakistan?
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Apr 20, 2019 11:53am
Please tell any and everybody who comes to saudi arab that they should double check their check in and other luggage and see whether it contains any prohibited item. Also please advice everybody that they not accept any thing from fellow passenger or anyone to be carried to saudi arab unless they check it themselves even papers. There are some firms who send here persons on sponsered schemes and make them to take alms and beg here in ksa. Simmilarly some firms may be doing this drug business in the shade of sponsered visit. Please do not accept sponsored schemes from what so ever it may be. Secondly if you are in ksa please do not get involved in shady business. If anyone is caught here under these conditions saudi citizen or a resident with valid visa or a visitor that person will face fatal punishment. No mercy. This is even applicable to all western countries persons too.
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Apr 20, 2019 02:38pm
whete has the travel agent escsped?
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Asif jamil
Apr 20, 2019 04:12pm
@Rohit, I once asked a Customs officer at Islamabad airport, why don’t you constantly warn passengers during all flights to the Middle East about death penalty in Saudi Arabia for drug smuggling? He said everything has been tried, even then two or three persons get caught every day before boarding. Saudi Arabia does have very sophisticated drugs detection equipment at the airports.
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R K Pattath
Apr 20, 2019 04:12pm
The Saudi courts do not seem to be paying attention to minor details. in this case some drug smugglers used innocent people as tools and the saudi courts failed to find the truth. It is even felt that Saudi has different standards for justice to foreigners.
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Zubaida Vaid
Apr 20, 2019 04:37pm
Going to Umra & Hajj is not mandatory for everyone especially if the money constraints. Why couple agreed to travel agent threat to take drugs? Everyone knows the harsh laws of Saudi!! I hope travel agent get his punishment in Pakistan & that little girl have peace in her life.
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Apr 20, 2019 04:46pm
Can't even read the full story ! So tragic
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Apr 20, 2019 05:06pm
join hands to support Beenish and her brother to bring about some happiness in their lives. education and health and clean drinking water.i for one will send money.
Recommend 0
RAja Raman
Apr 20, 2019 05:53pm
FM Qureshi did not do anything to stop the execution.
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Apr 20, 2019 07:03pm
An extremely sorry situation. Pakistan must share part of responsibility for this. Responsible authorities of both countries must sit down and come up with a more sensible and humane solution.
Recommend 0
K Srinivas Rao
Apr 20, 2019 07:34pm
Rise Pakistan rise. Fight for dignity. Realise that Saudi is a hell for ordinary people like you. No human rights there, so beware.
Recommend 0
Ganesh Ramaswamy
Apr 20, 2019 08:19pm
So sad. When Saudis can talk collaboratively on issuing shares for ARAMCO or deals for arms, why not on human rights? If there is a will there is a way. Hope they realize how much misery they sow on their path to affluence.
Recommend 0
Khalid iqbal
Apr 20, 2019 09:47pm
Death threats from travel agents , if you can stop that , who will .
Recommend 0
K Srinivas Rao
Apr 20, 2019 09:51pm
Our heart goes out for the little ones. No child should face such a fate. The nation should come forward to help the child.
Recommend 0
Apr 20, 2019 10:35pm
Years and Years have passed in time and we see the same old story of poor rurals trapped by travel agents into carrying drugs to the holy land. Have we not have a geat responsibility to teach our tavellers for Ummraah and Haj how to avoid and save themselves from these precarious situations.
Recommend 0
K Srinivas Rao
Apr 20, 2019 10:46pm
Indians have also suffered a lot in Saudi. But this barbaric act has crossed all the limit. Pakistan should not let go those responsible for the loss of two innocent lives.At the same time it should also be ensured that poor people are not being made drug peddlers by the cartel.
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Apr 20, 2019 10:56pm
Let us start a gofundme for this little girl. These Saudis are the worst offenders, no respect for human life especially foreigners. They have a monopoly over us because we are compelled to visit their country for Hajj/Ummra, instead of religious pilgrimage it is now a business. Do you know how much hajj costs these days? close to $5-10K USD per person .The average person in the west cannot afford it never mind someone in Pakistan.
Recommend 0
Khalid iqbal
Apr 21, 2019 05:03am
After reading all the comments , it seems everyone is ready to blame someone else for the problem , the problem lies where the drug is originating , the custom that allows it to be taken, the air port where the origin of the flight takes place , blaming SA, China ,Singapore and some other countries where there is a death penalty for smuggling drugs, is trying to bypass the real problem .so guys wake up , put the blame where it belongs.
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Apr 21, 2019 07:09am
Frightening I just froze .how a modern nation state can behave like this.
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Apr 21, 2019 07:13am
Saudis will stop capital punishment by beheading when fossil fuel dries up
Recommend 0
Apr 21, 2019 07:40am
The agent who sent them should be hanged by the Pakistani government.
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Apr 21, 2019 08:39am
So sad ivedtigations should be done
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Apr 21, 2019 09:08am
very sad to read..... What can be done to take her out of this trauma?
Recommend 0
Apr 21, 2019 09:15am
Tears came out unknowingly..
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Apr 21, 2019 09:44am
So the couple was drug-trafficking while carrying their 5 year daughter with them. Not impossible but difficult to believe. If they were forced to carry drug then proper enquiry should have been conducted. Hope before executing, SA has completely satisfied themselves that this couple was real culprit. Feeling horribly sad nevertheless
Recommend 0
Apr 21, 2019 09:49am
@Rohit, Valid point. its the only available quick solution the problem at hand.
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utpal kumar basu
Apr 21, 2019 10:39am
very sad. the travel agent must be punished.
Recommend 0
Apr 21, 2019 01:32pm
"Threatened with death, the family was forced to carry heroin by the travel agent" - The travel agent is free to carry on his trade. Travel Agent 'Wow'
Recommend 0
A Sheikh
Apr 21, 2019 04:13pm
@Rohit, Agreed. Pakistani authorities should have investigated the people who let the drugs pass.
Recommend 0
Indie Guy
Apr 21, 2019 06:19pm
This is a sad story. Her parents were used because of their poor status. Wonder how many such situations happen everyday.
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Usman S.
Apr 21, 2019 06:32pm
Unbelievably painful story. Thanks Dawn for sharing it and highlighting the plight of a totally innocent victim and her devastated family. The government needs to do something for this child. Please publish any contact details so that at least the readers could do do their part to help out. May the Almighty brings healing, ease and comfort to this distraught child. Ameen
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Ahsan Gul
Apr 21, 2019 08:42pm
Who is to blame for this tragedy? Our government our corrupt politicians, leaders, and landlords and How: When our corrupt and dishonest politicians who keep on being elected on the basis of their wealth we have a big issue. Instead of creating job opportunities by developing industries, factories, hospitals and education programs For the last 30 years our two main political parties and their supporters robbed Pakistan by money laundering to overseas. Hopefully, current government will be successful to control and punish these moral less politicians.
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Apr 21, 2019 10:16pm
Stories like this are repeated periodically. Why can't Pakistani authorities investigate the travel agencies and interview people leaving for Saudi Arabia at the airports in Pakistan? I suspects there might be several corrupt players in such schemes. The responsibility for Pakistani authorities is to thwart . People should understand that S. Arabia is a dictatorship ruled with iron hands.
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Sid - The Warrior
May 14, 2019 03:06pm
very sad
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