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Updated 08 Nov, 2019 11:51am

You have been reading our content all along. We are the old blogs desk — now with a new name and new look.

The desk saw a new editor in 2017 and this section evolved into a very different operation, despite some overlaps. You can read our Best of 2018 to see some of our highlights and our editorial note to get a sense of what we do. Given the changes at the desk, we have rebranded our page since we believe we have outgrown the term 'blogs' and what it means in the Pakistani media landscape; it no longer truly reflected what we've been producing for the past year.

We have decided to give the desk a name that better captures our editorial vision and a design that will help our content stand out more.

Today, we launch our new home page and social media pages. In the coming weeks, there will be further additions to the section. We would like to thank our readers and writers for their positive engagement so far, as well as our colleagues and friends at Dawn for their support. We are also grateful to the past editors and staff of the blogs desk whose work we have built on.

We hope you will find our new chapter enriching.

— Jahanzeb Hussain, editor; Mahnoor Bari, assistant editor

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