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Develop national consensus on the creation of South Punjab province

The PTI, in its manifesto, states that it "will develop a national consensus on the creation of a South Punjab province on administrative grounds with the objective to lift 35 million people out of poverty, as well as to create an administrative balance between Pakistan’s federating units".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


Aug 13, 2019: South Punjab secretariat to be set up after political consultation, says CM Buzdar. (read details)

June 14, 2019: Focus on south Punjab in Rs2.36 trillion budget (read details)

May 14, 2019: PTI has laid foundation for creation of South Punjab, says Qureshi. (read details)

May 13, 2019: PTI MNAs introduce bill for South Punjab province. (read details)

Apr 23, 2019: NA divided on creation of two new provinces. (read details)

Apr 13, 2019: Panel vows to meet deadline for south Punjab secretariat (read details)

Mar 03, 2019: Multan likely to be chosen for south Punjab mini-secretariat (read details)

Jan 17, 2019: South Punjab province to be realised, says Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar. (read details)

Jan 12, 2019: South Punjab secretariat to be set up this year, says FM Qureshi. (read details)

Jan 02, 2019: ‘Southern Punjab to have its own ADP’. (read details)

Dec 26, 2018: Cabinet meeting to miss out south Punjab issues. (read details)

Dec 24, 2018: Minister proposes referendum in Bahawalpur to know people’s opinion on new federating unit. (read details)

Dec 20, 2018: Sense of deprivation, neglect in South Punjab will be removed, says PM Imran. (read details)

Dec 01, 2018: South Punjab to get separate development programme from next year: Qureshi (read details)

Nov 28, 2018: Recommendations sought on advance administrative set-up in south Punjab. (read details)

Nov 27, 2018: Punjab minister wants Bahawalpur to be south Punjab's capital. (read details)

Nov 16, 2018: New police office on the cards to look after south Punjab. (read details)

Oct 28, 2018: Recommendations sought from committee for creation of new province in south Punjab: Qureshi. (read details)

Oct 21, 2018: South Punjab province dream to materialise in PTI’s tenure: CM (read details)

Oct 2, 2018: Creation of South Punjab on the cards: CM Buzdar (read details)

Aug 31, 2018: Cabinet focuses on governance, policies, south Punjab province (read details)