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Build small dams to fulfill local demand

The promise is a part of the PTI's plan to solve "Pakistan’s water scarcity challenge".
Published October 29, 2018

"We will build small dams across Pakistan to conserve water and fulfill local demand," the PTI states in its manifesto.

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


April 5, 2022: KP, OGDC sign deal for dam construction (read details)

March 28, 2022: Deal signed for Tank dam project (read details)

March 20, 2022: 64 dams completed in Balochistan (read details)

Feb 26, 2022: Dhar Jawa Dam included in this year’s budget (read details)

Feb 25, 2022: Construction of nine small dams approved (read details)

Jan 11, 2022: Punjab govt to initiate Surra dam project in DG Khan (read details)

Jan 4, 2022: KP govt plans to build 3 more dams (read details)

Nov 23, 2021: Phase 1 of Kurram Tangi dam to be completed by June 2023 (read details)

Oct 27, 2021: 10 projects under ‘Decade of Dams’ plan announced (read details)

Oct 25, 2021: Despite over 12 years, no progress made on Chirah Dam project (read details)

Sept 29, 2021: Three small dams costing Rs80bn being constructed in Islamabad, Senate informed (read details)

Aug 22, 2021: CDA to approach Punjab govt for land to construct small dam (read details)

Aug 12, 2021: PM vows to build 10 dams in as many years (read details)

Aug 10, 2021: Balochistan CM lays foundation stone of Winder Dam (read details)

June 10, 2021: 518 small and medium dams have been initiated throughout the country: Pakistan Economic Survey (read details)

May 8, 2021: Punjab CM approves dam project in DG Khan (read details)

April 27, 2021: Construction of Chirrah Dam still not in sight (read details)

April 10, 2021: 16 dams to be constructed in Balochistan: CM (read details)

March 25, 2021: 15pc work on Daducha Dam completed (read details)

Nov 1, 2020: Seven small dams built in KP, meeting told (read details)

Oct 30, 2020: FWO wins contract for Daducha dam, work to start in November (read details)

Oct 27, 2020: 24 dams under construction in Balochistan (read details)

Oct 14, 2020: 10 small dams to be built in Pindi (read details)

Sept 1, 2020: CM Buzdar gives approval for spade work, construction of four small dams in Punjab (read details)

August 11, 2020: Process for dam in PM’s constituency complete (read details)

June 19, 2020: Rs500 million to be spent on construction of small dams in KP: minister (read details)

April 10, 2020: Government releases Rs47.305 billion for water projects so far (read details)

March 10, 2020: Buzdar calls for constructing small dams (read details)

Feb 8, 2020: Government gives nod to feasibility of 14 small dams (read details)

Jan 13, 2020: KP Irrigation Department completed 44 projects, including dams, in one year: report (read details)

Jan 6, 2020: DG Khan to get three small dams, says Zartaj (read details)

Dec 28, 2019: Rs1.5 billion to be spent on dam in Karak, says MNA (read details)

Dec 19, 2019: Work on PC-I of Daducha Dam for Rawalpindi in progress: commissioner (read details)

Dec 10, 2019: KP PDWP approves project to build Gandao small dam in Mohmand Agency (read details)

Nov 3, 2019: KP government plans to construct two dams, remodelling of Bara River (read details)

Oct 18, 2019: Punjab govt seeks ADB funding for dams projects (read details)

Sept 18, 2019: Government starts land acquisition for Chohan Dam (read details)

Aug 23, 2019: Small dams planned for DG Khan and Fort Munro (read details)

July 11, 2019: 10 new small dams to cater to 52,000 acres of agricultural land in Potohar region, meeting told (read details)

Jun 30, 2019: KP government to construct small dams in different districts (read details)

Jun 7, 2019: Small dams needed to meet Balochistan’s water shortage: Alvi (read details)

Jan 13, 2019: Mohmand dam’s launch shelved again amid row (read details)

Jan 10, 2019: Committee set up to scale down Nai Gaj dam cost(read details)

Dec 29, 2018: Inauguration ceremony of Mohmand dam postponed (read details)

Dec 28, 2018: PM to inaugurate construction of Rs309 billion Mohmand Dam on Jan 2 (read details)

Dec 06, 2018: 365 new dams to be constructed and handed over to their respective communities in KP once the Pedo Act is amended (read details)

Nov 23, 2018: Committee formed to examine Dadhocha Dam proposal (read details)

Oct 23, 2018: Work on Munchora dam inaugurated (read details)

Oct 15, 2018: CDA asks Small Dams Organisation for details on Chirah Dam project (read details)

Sept 26, 2018: PM wants comprehensive plan for urban water schemes (read details)

Sept 22, 2018: Water reservoirs: Preparation to build two small dams under way (read details)

July 26, 2019: Karak water supply schemes to be put on solar power (read more)

July 12, 2019: ‘56 small dams provide water to farmland in Potohar region’ (read more)