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Pak Suzuki introduces Cultus with auto gear shift, launches new fleet

Updated Mar 30, 2018 01:09pm

Is it still too early to call it the golden period of the automotive industry in Pakistan? Or have things finally changed for the better?

Consumption trends suggest that the recent increase in duties and taxes on vehicle imports has encouraged manufacturers to move towards local auto assembling and manufacturing. Renowned manufacturers like Hyundai and Kia are already testing their vehicles on the roads of Pakistan, and a number of budding market entrants are aggressively inking agreements to start assembly and production of vehicles here.

This has pushed local manufacturers to ensure continuous innovation in their vehicle portfolios and maintain their place in the market. Pak Suzuki, for example, is all geared up to woo consumers with a wide line-up of options in Pakistan and recently launched four new vehicles.

Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift

The new Suzuki Cultus was first introduced in Pakistan with manual transmission, and now Pak Suzuki has introduced the vehicle with a revamped transmission system to provide comfort to the needs of those stuck in rush hour traffic.

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The hatchback comes with an automatic transmission offering three options: Park, Drive and Reverse.

On the left side of the gear, there’s an M mode with ‘+’ and ‘-’ which is the manual mode of the vehicle for those who like revving it up in accordance with traffic situations.

Suzuki says that the transmission is a manual one, but with the addition of an AGS unit it takes care of the the clutch depression automatically. This isn’t a CVT, per se.

Rest of the vehicle remains the same with the Cultus VXR manual version except the price. The same 1000cc K10B engine produces enough torque and horsepower to maintain a fair enough balance for a city-dwelling ecobox.

Suzuki Cultus AGS is priced at Rs1,528,000.

Suzuki Mega Carry

With accelerated growth in the country’s economic situation, the need to ferry goods around the country and within cities has increased as well. The Mega Carry, as the name suggests, is here to cater to the need of moving bigger loads, thanks to its powerful 1500cc 4-cyl engine.

It is based off the Suzuki AP-V, retaining its interior among other things. Suzuki has removed its cabin and introduced a 3-side opening flat-bed.

The vehicle has been a major success in Indonesia, which is why it is being imported and introduced to newer markets like Pakistan.

Suzuki Mega Carry is priced at Rs1,499,000.

Suzuki GR-150

Suzuki 150 has always been a popular choice among consumers. I've personally witnessed a large number of people preferring the GR-150 for inter-city or cross-country travel - and that says a lot about the ride's popularity and efficiency. The new GR-150 can surely be considered as the sporty variant of the esteemed 150cc motorcycle.

Suzuki GR-150 is priced at Rs219,000.

Suzuki GSXR-600

You can say that Suzuki doesn’t do the best cars in the world, and I might agree to that.

But when it comes to bikes, Suzuki is probably among one of the few best motorcycle manufacturers around the world. Period.

The GSXR-600 is a total steal for the looks and specs it carries. The bike also has several noted motorcycle championship wins to its name.

With sales of sports and heavy bikes reaching a total of 150 units annually, the bike is launched globally as well as in Pakistan at the same time.

Nicknamed 'Gixxer,' the ride is imported directly from Japan with a two-year warranty or 24,000 kms.

Suzuki GSXR-600 is priced at Rs1,950,000.

This content has been produced in paid partnership with Pak Suzuki.