Former prime minister Imran Khan. — DawnNewsTv

‘May not get the chance to address you again’: PTI releases Imran’s video from 2022 following arrest

"Freedom is not given on a plate — you have to work hard and struggle for it."
Published May 9, 2023

The video, originally from 2022, was shared by official PTI accounts following Imran Khan’s arrest on May 9, 2023.

“My fellow Pakistanis, when these words of mine reach you I will already be closed inside in an unlawful case. After this, you all should realise that fundamental rights, law and democracy have been buried.

“Maybe it is possible that I won’t get a chance to talk to you again. That’s why I want to talk about two-three things.

“Pakistan’s public has known me for 50 years; I’ve been in the eyes of the public for 50 years, I have never gone against Pakistan’s Constitution and I’ve never broken the law. Since I’ve been in politics, I have always tried that [all] my struggle would be peaceful and within the ambits of the Constitution.

“What is being done today is not because I have broken any law but only for me to step back from the haqeeqi azaadi tehreek.

“It is being done so that I accept this corrupt cabal of crooks that have been imposed on us. They want me to accept them.

“I appeal today to everyone that you all have to come out. Freedom is not given on a plate — you have to work hard and struggle for it.”