Eggbox brings home Pakistan’s first 'Golden Egg Award'

Brands from across the world were competing neck in neck for the prestigious Golden Egg Award.
Published October 12, 2022

EggBox, becomes the first Pakistani brand to win the 'Golden Egg Award' at the International Egg Conference held in Rotterdam, Netherlands on the 14th of September this year.

Brands from across the world were competing neck in neck for the prestigious Golden Egg Award, where they were evaluated on the basis of product assortment, quality, innovation, promotion & marketing campaign.

EggBox stood out from the lot based on their product quality and enrichment (Omegas and Vitamins), ISO certifications, nationwide retail presence, innovative packaging and a memorable marketing campaign.

The International Egg Commission (IEC), is the only organisation that represents the global egg industry. IEC is recognised by and actively engages with leading international bodies. The IEC has built a global community, which shares information on latest developments in production, nutrition and marketing.

IEC chairman’ Suresh Chitturi, commented, “I’m delighted to be awarding the Golden Egg Award to Mahmood Group in Pakistan. They have developed a unique new premium brand proposition, having found a gap in the market for a national egg brand based on qualities which are most important to customers”.

Egg Box (a project of Mahmood Group) is a renowned premium egg brand available nationwide at all major retail outlets. Managing Director, Mohsin Khawaja said that it’s a great pride for the country to receive this award and that it opens various horizons for the industry at large in the global market. He shared that Eggbox plans to expand vertically and horizontally and aims to become the leading brand nationwide ensuring nutritious and high quality eggs are accessible to all.

Here's to hoping we, as Pakistanis, continue to receive recognition and engage in quality work in the future as well.

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