101 Group is all set to introduce Pakistan's first Vertical Forest & Luxury Apartment Complex

Forest V is a switch to sustainable thinking in engineering climate-smart and energy-efficient buildings.
Published September 11, 2022

The world has changed, warmer by a few degrees and Pakistan needs to urgently rethink the future of real estate and urban planning across the rapid urbanisation currently under way in urban and sub urban cities of Pakistan.

Building codes and urban planning authorities in cities, and nations in the global north are realising the big picture caused by the urban island heat effect and mandating law for new buildings and constructions projects to switch to sustainable materials, sustainable energy capture and storage.

Many are mandating biophilic design principles for building rooftops and building elevation design to help increase the natural cooling of building environment by up to a possible 4 degrees cooler, and significantly reducing the energy consumption of buildings and elevating mental health for home owners.

One such developer in Pakistan is ahead of the curve and looking to fast track the future of building design & luxury real estate in Pakistan, by building Forest V — Pakistan’s largest pillarless luxury apartments and Pakistan’s first vertical forest.

The 101 Group is setting the bar for a new standard of 'luxury living meets sanctuary living' in Gulberg, Lahore, based on a biophilic design ethos and crafting impeccable Forest V resident lifestyles for overseas Pakistanis based on data points factored over 18 months of research done in USA, Canada and the GCC to understand the pain points overseas Pakistanis face when coming back to Pakistan for business, for vacations or to relocate, and to create a lifestyle that exceeds all expectations and reduces the culture shock and stress points

Group CEO, Kamran Hussain from 101 Group and Developer for Forest V at Jail Road, Lahore opposite the Lahore Gymkhana is an overseas Pakistani himself and understands the pain points first hand.

“I have spent over a decade in Pakistan, and the culture shock I got then is still common even today. I know a friend who bribes his child to come back to Pakistan for 2 months a year for annual vacations. We are missing the quality of life that is the status quo in developed nations. We wanted to create a legacy apartment, luxury complex that sets a high benchmark in the real estate industry of Pakistan. We have brought together the best architectural, interiors and human design thinkers with Marcus Wilkins from Archi-Tex and Callie Van Der Merwe from Design Partnership Australia, Habib Rafiq (HRL), Kit & Kaboodle with Julie Johnson, while bringing project consultants such as our architectural visualisers, The Boundary from UK, and MGVCP.COM, a Pakistan start up in circular systems design and consulting on the biophilic ethos of Forest V. The 101 Group are also investing in Forest V, to be a state-of-the-art smart building powered by Artificial Intelligence, while applying human principles in design thinking to create cognitive experiences in sensory luxury.”

To learn more visit https://bit.ly/theforestv

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