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The third edition of the Pakistan Tea Convention is the amalgamation of close liaison between key stakeholders.
Published May 23, 2022

Pakistan Tea Association held the third Pakistan Team Convention at the Marriot Hotel, Karachi.

The event was attended by the vanguards of the tea industry of Pakistan and around the world.

One of the notable attendees and prime sponsor was ekaterra, which is one of the biggest tea companies in the world.

The three day event was full of engagement & insightful conversations by some of the leading tea companies of Pakistan including ekaterra which is the parent brand of Lipton and Brooke Bond Supreme who have been at the forefront to take tangible steps towards catering to consumers’ demands and working towards promoting sustainability in the industry.

The third edition of the Pakistan Tea Convention is the amalgamation of close liaison between key stakeholders, including but not limited to tea companies, suppliers, exporters, importers, supply chain and logistics partners, and marketing companies.

The event was also attended by global stakeholders from different regions of the world, including;

● Mr. John Mutua, Procurement Director – Ekaterra, Kenya

● Mr. Ganesh Deivanayagam, Chairman - Eswaran Bros from Sri Lanka

● Mr. Saif Ul Islam, Chairman - National Tea Brokers, Bangladesh

● Mr. Peter Kimanga, Director - Global Teas and Commodities from Kenya

Ms. Farheen Salman President - BSPAN & GM Pakistan at ekaterra shared insights on exploring sustainable options and adapting climate-friendly practices being one of the biggest tea companies in the world.

She also shared ekaterra’s vision for the greater good of the world, some of which have already been implemented.

● ekaterra’s factory in Khanewal was recently powered by a female-led Solar Power Project that has led to a 60% reduction in carbon footprint and energy costs

● The company plans to shift towards plant-based tea bags, recyclable, compostable, and/or reusable packaging by 2025

● Deploy regenerative agriculture while sourcing raw materials by 2030

The event was a perfect opportunity for all key national & international stakeholders from the Tea Industry to meet, share their valuable insights and work towards exploring social & economic opportunities while being conscious of sustainability and making the best use of their resources to keep up with the progress of the global tea industry.

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