Watch #PakistanIsHospitable by Girl with Green Passport to meet this unique fishermen family at Bhit Khori

This year, some of Pakistan's most loved influencers are uncovering stories that highlight the real meaning of Pakistan.
Published May 20, 2022

A film by Girl with Green Passport.

Here's Anam Hakeem exploring the mysterious Bhit Khori on the outskirts of Karachi, speaking to the fishermen who’ve built a life of their own on the unpopulated coast.

The fishermen, the fresh water and quaint blue skies here are proof that #PakistanIsHospitable in unique ways.

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This year, and German International broadcaster DW have handpicked some the country's most loved influencers - Patangeer, Muzamil Hasan and Anam Hakeem (Girl with green passport) - empowering them to bring to the forefront some of the most unique Pakistanis and their very real stories.

In this edition of #PakistanIs, we're exploring what makes our influencers say #PakistanIsYoung, #PakistanIsUnique, #PakistanIsMajestic and #PakistanIsHospitable.

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This film has been produced under the #PakistanIs project, an initiative of and Deutsche Welle (DW) to uncover and highlight stories that truly define the real meaning of Pakistan.