Gree is redefining the floor-standing AC experience in Pakistan with new T-Fresh range. Here's how

Gree's floor standing air conditioners come with a three-year compressor warranty and one-year body and parts warranty.
Published May 13, 2022

Gree has been committed to changing lives with innovative technologies for the past 30 years.

Gree continues to research technologies that change the dynamics of air conditioning and help the brand lead the industry with unmatched innovation.

Once again, Gree has redefined the experience of air conditioning with its all-new floor standing T-Fresh AC range.

Here's a list of offerings the new product has brought to Pakistan:

Elegant design

Its innovative one-piece panel design, lined with a light grey frame, makes it a new generation of fashionable floor standing products that blend in with all kinds of decor.

Hidden display

A hidden display integrated with touch screen technology enhances the modern flavour for simple living, giving you a convenient medium for human-machine interaction.

The seamless integration makes for an elegant appearance.

Three unqiue models

T-Fresh Floor Standing AC is available in 3 models: GF-24TFIH 2 Ton (Inverter), GF-36TFIH 3 Ton (inverter), and GF-48TFIH 4 Ton with a starting price of Rs239,000.

T3 Climate Type

Most importantly, supporting the T3 Climate type, Gree Floor Standing AC has been designed to perform exceptionally in demanding conditions like those of Pakistan that seem to soar during summers.

Multi-dimensional air supply

The air conditioner ensures a multi-dimensional way of air supply ensuring effective heating and cooling.

Plus point: There is no cool air blown before the start of the heating mode like in other conventional air conditioners.

Power Saving mode

GREE's latest offering comes with a comfortable power-saving mode. Under this mode, the model will automatically adjust the cooling to drive room temperature to reach a comfortable temperature zone.

Intelligent defrost

The intelligent defrost technology does away with the defects of the mechanical way of defrosting. It can intelligently detect frost which not only allows for power saving, but also improves the heating efficiency.

Mold-Proof filter

The Gree T Fresh series comes with a filter that does not let molds build up further enhancing the lifespan of the unit.

Child-lock features

The child-lock feature helps parents have complete peace of mind.

When enabled, the unit bars misoperation by children and so potential risks are avoided.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The unit is Wi-Fi enabled so you can operate the functions from anywhere you like. Users can also set a timer through their phones and experience real convenience.

Increased heating and cooling capacity

As compared to the conventional model, GREE's new standing AC's cooling capacity has been increased even further by 5% and heating capacity by 10% further increasing potential and putting it way ahead of competitors.

Green gas

Gree Floor Standing air conditioners use the refrigerant R410A. This refrigerant efficiently conveys heat; it can reduce electricity consumption compared to that of air conditioners using other refrigerants. It is remarkable for its low environmental impact.


Gree Floor Standing air conditioners come with a 3-year compressor warranty and 1-year body and parts warranty which gives you peace of mind years after purchasing. The service is convenient as you can lodge a complaint online as well and track its history if need be.

All these outstanding features make Gree Floor Standing AC the perfect choice for every season and every setting.

Gree’s air conditioners with their state-of-the-art technology and innovative features have been consumers’ choice around the world in over 190 countries.

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