Veet Pakistan partners with TCF to educate girls, adopts secondary classes for a year

Over the years, Veet Academy has introduced various initiatives and carried out different activities to empower women.
Published April 30, 2022

Veet Academy, an initiative of Veet Pakistan, has called on the citizens of Pakistan to come forward and donate towards the education of girls through an inspiring video.

Veet is one of the country’s few beauty brands that continues to fulfill its social responsibility and is once again reiterating the importance of educating the often-neglected female population by partnering with The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a leading local non-profit that centers on education for the underprivileged.

The area of girl’s education in Pakistan is one that needs immediate attention.

An estimated 12 million girls of school-going age are out of school. Keeping that in mind, on Women’s Day, Veet Pakistan entered a partnership with The Citizens Foundation to promote girl’s education in the country.

And that's not all.

Veet has adopted three secondary classes for girls at TCF’s Mubarka Campus in Murarra Shareef, Narowal for the entire year.

Moving forward with the initiative, this Ramazan Veet Academy has come up with an engaging call for donation.

The donation video features real girls, from across Pakistan, who despite being eager to study are unable to do so because of various challenges and social hurdles.

Viewers are informed of the partnership between Veet Academy and TCF and urged to join the cause of securing the future of our nation’s daughters by generously contributing their zakat and donations towards the cause.

Over the years, Veet Academy has introduced various initiatives and carried out different activities to empower women and highlight the issues they face on a regular basis; these range from teaching women how to ride bikes, conducting breast cancer awareness sessions, awarding mentorships with experts in their fields, and raising funds to help create breast cancer treatment medical centers.

Through these activities, the brand aims to help women realise their true potential by giving them assurance and a platform to prove that they are capable of everything they dream of.

To help improve the future of Pakistan’s daughters, follow the details mentioned in the video. Every bit counts, and together we can and we will #BuildHerUp.

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