Pakistan's only cables and wires e-store is now serving customers in faraway areas of Pakistan

Customers in Mirpur, Chakwal, Kotli, Muzaffarabad, Multan and major cities of Pakistan can now buy cables without stepping outside
Updated 23 Jul, 2021 12:04pm

Pakistan's e-commerce ecosystem has witnessed incredible growth and expansion in the times of the pandemic. People from all walks of life have now, more than ever, started welcoming the idea of purchasing things online.

Keeping in view this fast growing trend, Pakistan's premiere cables and wires store has introduced an exclusive, first-of-its-kind e-commerce store where customers, from not just major cities of Pakistan, but remote, faraway cities will be able to place orders online.

With an ever-expanding footprint across the country's physical and digital landscape, Pakistan Cables is all geared up to revolutionise how Pakistan buys a diverse range of wires and cables that include general wiring, CAT 6/LAN Network cables and related items.

For starters, the e-store is serving over 50 major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, along with Multan, Faisalabad and northern areas, including Mirpur, Chakwal, Kotli, and Muzaffarabad.

Access the official e-store here:

Empowering Pakistan's skilled electricians

For Pakistan Cables, it is key to empower the country's electricians and have them build a basic sense of interacting in online communities to deepen their knowledge base as well as get meaningful work.

Along with being a reliable source of information in the diverse world of social media and e-commerce, Pakistan Cables Loyalty Club is a dedicated platform for all skilled electricians from both urban and rural corners of Pakistan through which electricians continue to learn about product information, product availability and also get a chance to win exciting prizes.

To combat rampant counterfeit products in the industry and protect its customers, the company runs an SMS based Product verification facility, through which customers can verify their purchase instantly, by sending a scratch code via SMS to 8006 or WhatsApp on the company's number available on the official website; a dedicated helpline also offers customer support.

The legacy of Pakistan's most trusted cable manufacturer

Pioneering brand in the country's cable and wire industry, Pakistan Cables was established in 1953 with the BICC under the company's founder, Mr. Amir Sultan Chinoy (late), a visionary entrepreneur; Mr. Fahd K. Chinoy is currently the CEO Pakistan Cables Ltd.

With its world-class expertise and commitment to deliver nothing but the promises they make, the company has been able to consistently retain a large customer base, not just in Pakistan, but also abroad.

The company is Pakistan’s only cable manufacturer listed and traded as PCAL on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1955.

Check out the company's corporate video here:

An affiliate of General Cable, during the years of 2010 and 2017, Pakistan Cables has remained among the world's largest cable companies with a global presence of 57 plants in 26 countries. The affiliation has led to enhancing the Company’s technical expertise, innovation and management practises.

In 2020, the company won the prestigious FPCCI Achievement award for being the first ever cables and wires company to have launched an e-commerce platform.

During 2021, the company completed planting over 40,000 trees in its bid to combat climate change by launching the Pakistan Cables Urban Forest.

Located at the upcoming manufacturing facility in Nooriabad, Sindh, the Pakistan Cables Urban Forest is the largest Miyawaki based urban forest in Pakistan on an industrial estate. With a greener vision for the future, Pakistan Cables is set to continue leading the industry from the front ensuring its customers count on it, never to compromise.

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