The journey of Faizan Steel: How a manual mill rose to become one of Pakistan's top steel manufacturing companies

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, the company has managed to keep up with changing needs of the time.
Updated 13 Jul, 2021 10:11am

Serving in 34 leading cities of Pakistan, Faizan Steel started with a vision to revolutionise the local steel industry and is now among the country's fastest growing manufacturers of deformed steel bars. Behind the current standing of this company lies years of strength and resilience that make it what it is today; a symbol of quality.

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, the company has managed to keep up with changing needs of the time and without having to compromise on its true self. Its firm belief in adding value to society through quality guides Faizan Steel, which has revolutionised steel production in Pakistan by keeping up with modern ideologies, as well as research and development.

Not only does Faizan Steel aim to maintain its standing among Pakistan's leading steel manufacturing companies, it also has an unwavering commitment to promoting growth, development, and prosperity by working towards building a safe and eco-friendly world.

With its production plant located in Karachi, Faizan Steel is guided by passion and trust to produce quality steel products and supply them to all major construction organisations working across Pakistan. Dedicated to the country's development, and committed to quality at its guiding principle, Faizan Steel has worked with utmost determination.

Faizan Steel is currently serving in 34 cities across Pakistan.
Faizan Steel is currently serving in 34 cities across Pakistan.

The story of Faizan Steel began in 1997, when a manual mill with a production capacity of 30 tonnes was set up. Soon after, a fresh perspective led the company to put together a semi-automatic mill, accelerating production to 150-200 tonnes. With a drive and fortitude to further excel, Faizan Steel went through a revamp, with the company taking in a team of experienced engineers. In recent years, Faizan Steel introduced a fully automated, state-of-the-art, direct rolling mill, which has made it a pioneer in this technology in Pakistan, producing 600 tonnes of high-quality deformed steel bars.

Currently, Faizan Steel supplies deformed steel bars to major construction companies in Pakistan and is prominent in the industry with a world-class portfolio of advanced manufacturing plants. The company has a modern induction furnace, a multi-strands continuous casting process, and an automatic bar mill.

A view of operations and products manufactured by Faizan Steel.

A prosperous workplace, the creativity cultivated at Faizan Steel sets it apart from competitors and makes it successful in the marketplace. The company's mission is to strengthen Pakistan’s economy by using the best resources available to it. In its quest to give back to the country, Faizan Steel has actively participated in projects of national scope, such as the building of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and the national motorways by providing materials and expertise.

Faizan Steel has come a long way and with its strength and goodwill at its core, the company remains dedicated to continually achieve success without comprising its core values of dependability, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and sustainable production and consumption. The company aims to use preventive methodology in order to effectively implement best waste management practices, take into consideration energy conservation measures, respond to environmental concerns of its clients and of the concerned communities, and continually improve its environmental management system to enhance performance.

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