CityU is all set to become one of the leading global universities for research. Here's how

The university offers four-year undergraduate degree programmes, multiple majors and entrance scholarships for foreigners.
Updated 25 Mar, 2021 10:49am

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), is one of the leading hubs for research and professional education in the Asia-Pacific region.

The university strives to nurture well-rounded graduates who are competent professionals, critical thinkers and life-long learners trained to cope with a globalised work environment and positioned to capitalise on extensive links to mainland China and beyond.

Besides professional education, the facility also prepares its students for challenges and exciting opportunities throughout the world in business, creative media, data science, energy and environment, engineering, humanities and social sciences, law, science, and veterinary medicine and life sciences.

Here are few of CityU's key offerings:

CityU offers 4-years undergraduate degrees and multiple majors

With minimum graduation requirement for a regular 4-year bachelor's degree at CityU being 120 credit units, students can pursue a broad range of disciplines across five colleges and four schools.

Students graduate with a maximum of 144 credit units with the flexibility to enrich their studies with double majors or minors, which aim to prepare them for challenges of the global community.

For a bachelor's degree with a normal study duration longer than 4 years, the minimum credit units for graduation and the maximum credit units for the degree is stipulated by the congnisant academic unit.

Joint bachelor's degree programmes with Columbia University, USA

Enjoying fruitful partnerships with renowned universities around the globe, CityU offers a variety of exciting joint bachelor's degree programmes.

The joint programme with Columbia University, in which students spend two years at CityU and two at the partner university, provide students an international undergraduate educational experience.

In addition, students score two bachelor's degrees on completion of the curriculum requirements - one from CityU, and the other from the Columbia University.

Scholarships for international students

CityU offers Entrance Scholarship Scheme for international students with stellar academic performance enrolled in full-time government-funded bachelor's degree programmes.

Students are identified for the entrance scholarships based on merit upon successful admission without having to apply for them separately.

Types of scholarships provided

For the academic year 2021-22, three types of scholarships are being offered to international students:

  1. Top scholarships of ~USD23,000, covering annual tuition fees, on-campus accommodation and living expenses.

  2. Full tuition scholarships, covering annual tuition fees.

  3. Half tuition scholarships, covering half of the annual tuition fees.

  4. Diversity grant of ~USD3,850 per annum for students admitted using Pakistani passport holders except aforementioned scholarship recipients.

To apply for admissions to City University of Hong Kong, head over to their website.

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