Domex is now disinfecting schools across Pakistan to fight Covid-19

The brand has partnered with the government to disinfect toilet seats and high-touch surfaces in schools, starting from Sindh.
Updated 04 Feb, 2021 09:10pm

Schools and colleges have been shut across the world for over a year now. With intermittent resumption of physical classes happening in most parts of Pakistan, parents remain sceptical about sending their kids to physical classrooms where the pandemic could cause much damage.

The question about schools being safe has been hotly debated, with problems and possible solutions discussed daily in homes and across all media in the country.

To play a significant role in such trying times, toilet and surface disinfection brand, Domex, has partnered with the government to disinfect toilet seats and high touch surfaces in schools, starting from the province of Sindh.

The initiative has enabled several conversations online, following the launch of a video, which goes to show how the surface-cleansing brand is enabling millions of children across Pakistan to safely return to schools.

Watch it here:

The initiative aims to highlight and sanitise key touch points at schools that kids come in contact with; these predominantly include benches, windows, desks, staircases, swings.

The disinfection drive conducted by Domex is also helping parents send their kids to school without worrying about the standard operating practices (SOPs) of safety implemented at schools.

A special on-the-go team from Domex is also visiting schools to conduct awareness drives for school staff, while disinfecting key touchpoints.

The brand's efforts towards awareness and sanitisation, as well as a video highlighting the initiative, created a buzz across national news channels, where anchors were seen praising Domex’s collaborative efforts.

Prominent personalities also discussed and praised the brand's latest campaign on social media platforms.

With the vision to make educational institutes worry-free spaces for parents, Domex is now stepping up their disinfection drive, spreading towards multiple schools across Pakistan.

With this initiative, launched in collaboration with the government of Pakistan, it is safe to say that children will have 'Mehfooz Schools, Befikar Bachpan', all thanks to Domex!

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