Here is how Naveena Steel is introducing responsible innovation in Pakistan's steel industry

The company is actively preserving the environment by using cutting-edge technology and modern methods of resource utilisation.
Updated 20 Jan, 2021 10:46am

Naveena Steel, a project of the Naveena Group, is a new name in Pakistan’s steel industry, and has ambitions to take durability and strength up a notch with the help of its revolutionary technologies.

Pakistan remains an under-penetrated market in the global steel industry, and Naveena Steel intends to change that. The brand realises that the country's steel sector needs high quality steel bars to build foundations of modern, state-of-the-art structures.

Consequently, the company has introduced innovative methods in the country’s construction sector.

Introducing advanced machinery to catch up with the global steelmaking industry

Drawing inspiration from their brand philosophy of 'new strength for a new age', Naveena Steel aims to disrupt Pakistani steel manufacturing landscape with a much refined and advanced means of production used globally.

Naveena Steel's greenfield project is comprised of a steel melting and re-rolling mill, located at Port Qasim, with a capacity to produce up to 300,000 TPA of steel bars.

The brand also takes pride in its 'Direct Rolling' technology which converts a steel billet into a rolled product without any intermediate reheating arrangement, thereby avoiding wastage of heat of steel and energy.

Use of innovative and responsible technology

The Global Climate Risk Index has placed Pakistan fifth on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change in its annual report for 2020, with the manufacturing sector being one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the country.

Thus, introducing ecofriendly means of production, especially in the steel manufacturing, is critical.

Naveena Steel’s ultra-modern manufacturing plant, equipped with Italian technology, ensures reduced carbon emissions which will prove beneficial for the environment in the long run.

Steel is produced in compliance with international sustainability guidelines, using the latest European direct rolling technology, delivering better quality steel rebars.

Pakistan is also one of the countries most likely to be affected by water scarcity by 2025.

To answer the need of efficient and smart use of water resources in the country, Naveena Steel's greenfield project guarantees zero liquid discharge by ensuring maximum water recycling and thus, no water wastage.

What makes Naveena Steel rebars superior in quality?

Certified by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) and ISO 9001, Naveena Steel strictly follows the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, ensuring customers end up purchasing high quality steel rebars with superior efficiency.

The brand has introduced Pakistan's first induction heating system with the latest European direct rolling technology.

In addition, the rebars undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the quality from sourcing metal till the end product remains consistent. This is done through direct rolling technology, that the company owns, followed by approved bending and stretching tests.

Naveena Steel rebars are a befitting match for both commercial and residential projects with controlled flexibility, strength and ductility.

Challenges faced by the local steel industry

The last couple of years have seen the steel manufacturers persevere against massive cost increases due to rupee depreciation, energy costs and taxation measures introduced by the government.

To compound the challenges of this abysmal situation even more, the prices of raw material have also shot up more than 60% since early November 2020, due to shortage in the international market. These factors have brought the industry profit margins down to a bare minimum, and in some cases, even in the negative.

The Pakistan Association of Large Steel Producers (PALSP) has stated that the recent hike in steel bars is caused directly by the exorbitant increase in melting scrap prices in the international market.

New year. New ambitions. New horizons.

Naveena Group has an impeccable track record in top-notch quality exports ever since its creation. This legacy dates back to quite a few decades. And this is precisely why Naveena Steel, with their consistent quality, has garnered quite a respectable reputation and prominence in the local industry in such a short span of time, with several government and corporate projects.

As the sun sets on 2020, Naveena Steel’s strong ambitions for 2021 and increasing demand in the construction sector has led the brand to already plan its capacity expansion to 300,000 tons per annum.

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