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This health and nutrition brand is relighting the spirit of Sunnah and Tib-e-Nabvi. Here's how

HibaLife is encouraging us to shift towards organic lifestyle solutions that draw inspiration from the Quran and Sunnah.

Updated 18 Dec, 2019 01:17pm

With years of experience of investment banking in New York city, founder HibaLife, Faizan Syed, decided to move back to his homeland in 2012 to make a mark as an entrepreneur and started what is today an all-organic lifestyle solutions brand.

Upon seeing an unmet need in the Pakistani market for fresh and organic products - a trend that was doing well in the west - Faizan explored the local market and found an abundance of honey and dates; he decided to source those directly from farmers to create healthy lifestyle solutions for all of Pakistan.

Faizan has also employed fair trade practices for local farmers and beekeepers to help them realise their true potential and enjoy a steady income.

Did you know?

The brand gets its name from the Arabic word 'Hiba' that translates to the word 'gift', making HibaLife the gift of life.

HibaLife draws inspiration from the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) as well as the wisdom and traditions of the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah; the brand follows and aims to revive the concept of Tib e Nabvi i.e healing through prophetic medicine.

For this, HibaLife has created three categories of products including:

Al Ghiza, is HibaLife’s best-performing category as it includes fresh honey sourced directly from the HinduKush Himalaya region of KPK, and Injeer Blessing (a preserve), Bahi Al Asl (a quince fruit preserve) and Ajwa Blessing (comprised of fresh Ajwa dates).

Here's a look at how HibaLife does it all:

HibaLife highlights the wisdom of Sunnah with a campaign

The brand's latest TVC is the talk of the town these days.

With a fresh and relevant idea that gives out an important message, the TVC makes us realise how we undervalue our health on a daily basis, and how we can incorporate Sunnah of our Prophet PBUH into our lives to create positive impact all around.

Watch the ad here:

The campaign reminds people that little acts of wisdom and kindness help relight the spirit of Sunnah.

Team behind HibaLife

HibaLife ensures that all products are developed by a professional and experienced team.

The brand has also signed an MoU with Ziauddin University's Faculty of Eastern Medicine, and Khushal Khan Khattak University in Karak to help with research and product development; HibaLife has also employed a team of qualified Hakeems and Tabibs from across Pakistan at their Tib-e-Nabvi centers where alternative healthcare and lifestyle solutions are offered.

HibaLife’s high quality products are endorsed by many local quality assurance and regulatory bodies, such as Pakistan Halal Certification, Punjab Health Commission, Tibbi Council of Pakistan.

Here's a quick look at their range of products:

For more updates, head over to the brand's Facebook page.

HibaLife products are available at all leading stores across Pakistan and can also be delivered to customers at their doorstep through They can also be contacted via UAN helpline: 021 111 SUNNAH (786 624)

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