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Dayfresh wins a Bronze Effie Award for its flavoured milk product

The brand shared the category with big brands like Coke, Sprite and Coke & Music.
Updated Jun 27, 2019 03:19pm

Dayfresh Flavored Milk has won the Effie Bronze Award in the cold beverages category; sharing the category are big brands like Coca-Cola, Sprite and Coke & Music that won the Silver award. These two remain the only awards given out to the cold beverages category.

What is an Effie award?

Effie Pakistan is a not-for-profit initiative between Pakistan Advertisers Society and Effie Worldwide that keep an eye on effective marketing communications and ideas. The Effie intends to encourage all original work that is intended towards creating powerful impact on the consumer.

Awarded annually, the Effies recognise significant achievements in the marketing communications' environment and reward ideas that work.

How is an Effie judgment made?

The Effie award aims to judge ideas through two rounds of evaluation, the basis of each being effectiveness.

The jury that evaluates each entry consists of professionals belonging to the fields of marketing, advertising, academia, creative, media and research, each holding proven records of excellence.

About the campaign

Dayfresh's campaign 'Doodh with an attitude' was a fun look at 6 different variants introduced, including a mango flavour. The campaign was a successful attempt at repositioning the brand in the category, and taking it from dull and dated to cool and hip.

While most competitor brands were targeting children, Dayfresh, through its detailed analysis of consumer insights, picked young adults as their primary target.

The campaign, with its detailed 360 degree execution plan, made use of fun TVCs, BTL activities to engage millennials across the country, creative packaging, university-based campaigns run through student brand managers, competitions and talent hunts in schools, tasting sessions via foxy drives that created positive WOM, and engaging digital campaigns that encouraged expression.

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According to the brand, the campaign was able to reap productive results and growth in market share with lesser budget spend as compared to the major players in the market.

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