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This Pakistani university is focusing on the transformative power of arts, humanities and social sciences

AHSS at Habib University aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge to produce critically-conscious graduates.

Updated 13 May, 2019 03:35pm

In a world where socio-economic challenges are rampant, the school of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) at Habib University (HU) aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge to produce critically-conscious graduates.

The university has identified an acute need for qualified practitioners of arts, humanities and social sciences in this age of disparity, and emphasises that a comprehensive study of these disciplines at the undergraduate level equips students with a world-view reflecting current realities and empathy to engage in constructive dialogue.

Programs at AHSS

AHSS at HU draws upon a range of disciplines which include sociology, history, political science and philosophy, among other integrated areas of knowledge.

Through an extensive, interdisciplinary engagement with their coursework, AHSS students acquire the skills and the mindset to become the next generation of compassionate thinkers, designers, social scientists and development practitioners capable of steering the country towards progress and prosperity.

The three main programs they offer are:

All three are rooted in the ethos of HU’s liberal arts and sciences framework, and offer an interdisciplinary learning opportunity to undergraduates.

Apart from an extensively researched and designed curriculum, students are also provided with multiple opportunities to supplement their classroom learning with hands-on experiences such as collaborative projects, research work and direct engagement with the industry.

HU’s integration of the liberal arts and sciences also ensures that students gain exposure to physical and natural sciences, as well and gain the requisite proficiency to thrive in a technology-dependent world.

Consequently, they will be able to venture beyond a focused field of study, step out of their comfort zones and gain exposure to a broad and inclusive range of subjects.

HU also offers a study abroad program with partner institutions like Stanford University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and University of California-Berkeley.

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