Taking the Audi Q3 for a test drive

The second generation Audi Q3 is a family SUV with well developed all-round talents. The...
Published October 11, 2018

The second generation Audi Q3 is a family SUV. A compact crossover with well developed all-round talents.

The exterior embodies greater self confidence, while the interior offers plenty of room, variability and practical details, adding up to a greatly enhanced overall utility.

The new Q3 is also a good deal shorter than its predecessor. One highlight, seen in side view, is the symmetrical lighting graphics of the head and tail lights. The shoulder line connects them formally, creating an athletic overall impression of muscle over the wheel arches.

The Q3 has now grown to become more confident, making it a more evoking SUV.

"During the creative design process for the car we really had one word in mind and that one word was balance.", says Mathew Baggley who is an exterior designer for the new Q3.

Balance is something that we strive to find in our everyday lives. It’s something that we seek to find in environments that we surrounds ourselves in, and with objects that we surround ourselves with.

Audi really wanted to encompass this balance in the new Q3 but not only in its function, but also in its design, how it looks and how it makes you feel.

Rather than go for a cutting edge look by moving controls onto a second touch screen above the stick shift, Audi located conventional climate controls under the optional 10.1 inch display.

A wireless charging station is built in for cellphones, flashlights and other devices. Definitely worth mentioning and experiencing is the LED lighting which can be set to a wide array of colours.

An important feature of any compact SUV is the luggage compartment. Depending on the position of the backseat bench, cargo capacity is anywhere between 530 and 675 litters. Folding the seat down expands the space to 1525 liters.

For the new Q3, Audi’s offering an initial choice of four engines. Three gasoline and one diesel, in combination with front or quattro all-wheel drive, an output ranging from 110 to 169 kW. All are four cylinder turbo charged engines with direct injection.

The transmission is either a 6 speed manual or a quick shifting 7 speed S tonic automatic.

Daniel Byner of Audi points out that the suspension is of the very latest generation for their all-wheel drives with the new generation haldex system. It ensures virtually permanent all-wheel drive that can be switched to front wheel drive whenever needed.

The various driving modes can be set using Audi’s drive select.

Auto sets a balanced configuration. Dynamic tightens up the suspension for car buyers who prefer a sportier driving style and then there’s comfort, where an individual customizes the suspension for perfect adjustment to a given driving preference.

The new Q3 is rolling off the assembly line at Audi’s plant in Gyor, Hungary and deliveries are expected to commence in some European countries this November.

In Germany the Q3 will list for more than EURO 30,000. The starting price for the previous model was just over 29,000.

This content has been published in partnership with Deutsche Welle (DW).