Army Public School Attack: Sajjad Ali — Age: 42

Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:39pm

Son of Ejaz Ali (Late) and Talat Sajjad

Children: Fahad Ali (4.5) and Faizan Ali (10)

Sajjad Ali served at the APS for 10 years. His nephew Mudasser tells how the staff at the school as well as Sajjad’s relatives admired him.

An amicable man, Mudasser recalls how Sajjad was regarded as a peace maker by members of the family and would resolve any conflicts that would develop among his relatives.

Sajjad’s colleague Imran remembers him as a diligent man, saying it was due to his hard work that the regional coordinating office was declared the best in the country.

Sajjad leaves behind a widow and two sons. His older son Faizan, who is 10 years of age, misses his father terribly.

Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali

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