Army Public School attack: Ziaullah Islam - Age 12

Son of NK Abdul Qadir and Nishaat QadirSiblings: Shehnaz Shabnam (17), Moin ul Islam (15), Nayab Sadaf (13), Aiman...
Updated 14 Dec, 2015 12:08pm

Son of NK Abdul Qadir and Nishaat Qadir

Siblings: Shehnaz Shabnam (17), Moin ul Islam (15), Nayab Sadaf (13), Aiman (9), Muhammad Talha (6).

A smart child, Ziaullah wanted to become an electrical engineer when he grew up and never missed the opportunity of trying to repair an electrical appliance at home if it malfunctioned. His father recalls how once he stopped Ziaullah from repairing electrical equipment, saying that was dangerous but was told that he was going to become an engineer and therefore should not be stopped.

Ziaullah was very active in class and would always remain among the top four students. Math was his favourite subject, his teachers recall, adding that Zia was creative and wanted to dabble in making interesting equipment and machines, such as an electric car and other things that haven’t yet been invented.

Like most boys his age, Ziaullah an avid fan of computer games, with Need for Speed being his favourite one. He also liked watching cartoons and Tom and Jerry was his favourite show.

Ziaullah was also fond of playing cricket and football and also liked riding bikes.

Ziaullah was very close to his mother and called her his best friend.

A food enthusiast, Ziaullah enjoyed BBQ and fast food items the most with chicken tikka being his all time favourite. He also liked the chicken corn soup sold at the bazaar inside Peshawar Cantonment and would often go there with his brother to have some.

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