Army Public School attack : Muhammad Haris Khan - Age: 14

Son of Ghulam Din and Shahida NasreenSiblings: Faisal 15, Usman 10, Faizan (late, 2002-2005)Address: Dalazak Road...
Updated 14 Dec, 2015 12:10pm

Son of Ghulam Din and Shahida Nasreen

Siblings: Faisal 15, Usman 10, Faizan (late, 2002 to 2005)

Haris’ death crushed his family. For his parents, it was the second time they had lost a child, as their son Faizan had passed away at age 3.

His mother describes Haris as an obedient child who did everything for her the moment she asked. She describes him as a sensitive and responsible boy, who took care of her after the death of her first son. She adds that they were more best friends than mother and child.

She says that while she kisses her children goodbye before they leave school, that fateful day she did not kiss Haris as he was running late.

He wanted to become a fighter pilot and was obsessed with the Pakistan Air Force. He was an ardent cricket fan. A great batsman, his favourite player was Shahid Afridi, whom he would imitate when whacking a six out of the ground.

His family struggles to cope with the loss of a second child and are visibly weak and despondent.

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