Army Public School attack : Ehsanullah (driver) - Age: 22

Son of Zainullah and Saleema BibiChildren: Yasirullah (3) Muhammad Yousaf (5 months)Ehsanullah joined APS just 10...
Updated 14 Dec, 2015 12:13pm

Son of Zainullah and Saleema Bibi

Children: Yasirullah (3) Muhammad Yousaf (5 months)

Ehsanullah joined APS just 10 days before the attack. On that gruesome day, he helped shift 40 injured children into ambulance before the attackers apprehended him.

He was the proud father of a three-year-old and a newborn who he named Yousaf. He wanted his kids to grow up and study at the very same school where he was employed. He dreamt that they would be doctors.

His family says he was a responsible and dedicated man who took care of his loved ones. They all felt like they could count on him, as he was trustworthy and hardworking.

He didn’t always want to be a driver. He tried to set up a small business on two occasions but had to wind up owing to losses.

He enjoyed his time off from work, and relaxed in the evening by watching TV dramas and movies.

His children, parents and wife are in shock. They cannot accept that this young man, the centre of their world, is no longer with them.

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