Army Public School attack : Muhammad Salman - Age: 14

Son of Muhammad Ikram and Hameeda BibiSiblings: Abdur Rehman (7), Ayesha (9 ), Madeeha (2)The eldest among his...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:29pm

Son of Muhammad Ikram and Hameeda Bibi

Siblings: Abdur Rehman (7), Ayesha (9 ), Madeeha (2)

The eldest among his siblings, Muhammad Salman was a good student and would feature among the top students in his class.

Salman aspired to become a doctor and his father was prepared to send him abroad to study medicine in case he failed to secure a position in a medical college within Pakistan.

He enjoyed playing cricket and was good at the game. However, riding bikes was his favourite past-time. His father remembers how Salman would look for opportunities to go out on the bike. He would happily volunteer to go to the market and get things as that would involve him going out on the bike.

Salman loved having chips with cold drink and liked to eat rice and chicken.

A jovial child, Salman cracked jokes all the time and would do parodies of famous actors and celebrities. He was very close to his grandfather and since Salman's death, his grandfather's health has been deteriorating.

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