Army Public School attack: Bahram Ahmad Khan – Age 15

Son of Lt-Col Gulzar Ahmad Khan and Nosheen GulzarSiblings: Hassan Ahmad Khan (9), Zaryab Ahmad Khan (19)Remembered...
Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:52pm

Son of Lt-Col Gulzar Ahmad Khan and Nosheen Gulzar

Siblings: Hassan Ahmad Khan (9), Zaryab Ahmad Khan (19)

Remembered by his father as a brave soul, Bahram was named after an Afghan king known for his courage. Hailing from Lakki Marwat, Bahram wanted to become a doctor and spend his life serving the underprivileged through the profession he sought to take up. Empathetic in nature, Bahram was always moved when a disaster struck somewhere or on any occasion where people needed help and rescuing.

Bahram was fond of cars and loved to go on long drives with his friends. He enjoyed listening to music and reading books on general knowledge whenever he got some free time.

Young Bahram also enjoyed having fast food items, particularly cheese burgers and pizzas and also had a sweet tooth when it came to chocolates.

Physically strong, Bahram was interested in playing different sports, with cricket and soccer among his favourite games. His father recalls that Bahram had begun to put on weight so both of them would go running together.

An intelligent child, Bahram secured 91% in his last exam. This distinction was other than the various medals he had won in academics and extra-curricular activities.

His father recalls a story Bahram’s friends shared about him from the day of the APS attack. During the attack, a friend of Bahram fell to the floor and broke his glasses due to which he could barely see. Bahram saw and came back to get him but on their way out was stopped by a terrorist. His friends recall that Bahram pushed the terrorist and received two bullets in the chest which resulted in his death.

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