Army Public School attack: Mohammad Ali Rehman – Age 15

Son of Mohammad Hussain and Dilshad BibiSiblings: Mohammad Abdullah (12), Mohammad Abubakkar (5)Mohammad Ali Rehman,...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mohammad Hussain and Dilshad Bibi

Siblings: Mohammad Abdullah (12), Mohammad Abubakkar (5)

Mohammad Ali Rehman, the eldest of three sons, was a studious position-holder who excelled at English vocabulary and had won several vocabulary competitions.

He spent his free time playing and watching cricket.

Ali’s father says the day before the attack, his son had asked for money to buy a new notebook after his ran out of empty pages. His father had given him the money that night and Ali thanked his father as he was leaving for school.

Mohammad Hussain says that when he received his son’s body, the Rs300 he had given him was still in his pocket.

Both of Ali’s parents seem to have recovered after the tragic incident. His mother underwent psychiatric treatment after the attack. His father says he dreamt of Ali, and his son told me he is alive and with him always.

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