Army Public School attack: Haris Nawaz – Age: 14

Son of Mr and Mrs Muhammad NawazSibling: Ahmad Nawaz (15)Haris and his brother Ahmad were both targeted the day of...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 08:47pm

Son of Mr and Mrs Muhammad Nawaz

Sibling: Ahmad Nawaz (15)

Haris and his brother Ahmad were both targeted the day of the attack. While Ahmad was grievously injured and later treated at a UK hospital, Haris lost his life.

His parents describe their boy as an obedient and respectful child. He wanted to grow up and be a doctor. He dreamt of opening a hospital that treated the poor free of charge.

He was an intelligent child and bagged top positions from nursery till class eight. His room is full of certificates and medals.

The family says the boy had a heart of gold. Once, his father gave him Rs500 as pocket money only to be told by Haris the next day that it had been spent. When his father questioned him, he discovered Haris had given it to a beggar in the market who had asked to buy wheat for his family.

The parents cry like children when they speak about Haris and say they will cherish these beautiful memories forever.

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