Army Public School attack: Arham Khan – Age: 14

Updated 01 Dec, 2015 12:02pm

Son of Sanaullah Khan Khattak and Noreen Sana

Siblings: Shaheer Khan (24), Zawat Khan (23), Yashfeen Khan (19)

The youngest of four siblings, Arham was a brilliant student who had earned a double promotion from grade 6 to grade 8.

He took a keen interest in computers and was just learning to communicate throught Skype, e-mail and Facebook.

His favourite food was Peshawar's popular Chappali Kababs, which he would often ask his father to get for him on his way home from work.

Even at his young age, Arham would play the role of mediator if his siblings quarreled, and was the one who would help them patch up after an argument.

His family, especially his father, misses their young boy very much. Mr Khattak often goes to his son's room to clean it just as Arham liked it.

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