Tamasha’s first original web-series ‘Family Bizniss’: A star-studded cast and a unique storyline set to captivate audiences

Tamasha's 'Family Bizniss' is the perfect blend of heart, humour, and a message that matters.
Published March 9, 2023

Tamasha’s very first original series, ‘Family Bizniss,’ produced in association with Fahad Mustafa’s Big Bang Entertainment, boasts an all-star cast featuring Asim Azhar, Mah-e-nur Haider, Saife Hasan, Salma Hasan, Bushra Habib, and Hussain Mohsin.

The official trailer of Family Bizniss was rolled out in a launch event graced by the leadership of both Tamasha and Big Bang Entertainment on March 9, 2023

Aamer Ejaz from Tamasha’s leadership highlighted that the script of this web series is a combination of humor, drama and entertainment that masses can enjoy along with a responsible message of digital inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Fahad Mustafa, the producer of the series, expressed his excitement for this one-of-a-kind production, which breaks away from traditional themes of foul language and damsels in distress. Family Bizniss explores a fun and interesting theme that is relatable and original.

“This web series is nothing like the content we’ve seen before. Unlike the usual content where foul language and themes surrounding damsels in distress are commonly used as a recipe for success, Family Bizniss explores a fun and interesting theme wholeheartedly. You’ll get to enjoy something lighthearted, original, and relatable. The director for the web series was deliberately chosen because Bilal Atif Khan has showcased his expertise numerous times with content that reflects the problems and interests of the youth. I’ve had the privilege to work with the very talented Bilal Atif Khan on many films. He has always put his heart and soul into every film that he has assisted our production with, and that too in a very creative and mature manner, reflecting his true talent,” said Mustafa.

Asim Azhar, the lead actor, also expressed his pleasure in working on an OTT platform, as it allows for greater creative freedom and experimentation compared to TV. The cast and crew, including director Bilal Atif Khan, were praised for their talents and hard work in bringing this project to life.

“Working with top-notch actors like Saife bhai, Salma ji, and even the young actors were a phenomenal experience, but also tough in terms of performing up to the standards of these immensely talented people. However, everyone made me so comfortable, and the script was written so meticulously that it helped stir the roller coaster of emotions as a good script should. Some scenes even made me question my acting skills as to whether I’ll be able to do justice to them. In my opinion, when a story is presented skillfully, even the simplest one can make a huge impact,” Azhar said.

The trailer for Family Bizniss has already generated buzz and set the tone for success. With its stellar cast, creative storytelling, and important themes, it is sure to be a hit among audiences. The rise of OTT platforms like Tamasha is providing immense opportunities for the creative players in the industry to produce out-of-the-box content that can be consumed and enjoyed by a wide audience on their preferred devices anywhere, anytime.

Family Bizniss is all set to release on Tamasha this Ramadan and create a big bang within the entertainment sphere of Pakistan. Tamasha app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones as well as can be enjoyed through a website.

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