Umer Farooq of Yellow Door Energy shares how businesses can lower costs using solar power

Yellow Door Energy is an international company that provides solar and other sustainable energy solutions for businesses.
Published July 1, 2022

The climatic conditions of Pakistan make solar energy a favourable alternative to nonrenewable energy sources that are often responsible for environmental pollution. The solar market in the country is very cluttered and distorted. With everything that’s going on, businesses need a reliable solar solution for lowering their electricity costs.

With that in mind, one of the directors of a leading solar player in the market, Umer Farooq, sets out to explain to us what Yellow Door Energy is up to in Pakistan.

What is Yellow Door Energy?

UF: Yellow Door Energy is an international company that provides solar and other sustainable energy solutions for businesses.

Founded and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company now has over 200 megawatts of solar projects in the region.

Our solutions help businesses save money, become energy independent and reduce carbon emissions.

Tell us about your biggest clients in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we are the market leader in terms of solar power purchase agreements signed. Our customers include international and regional leaders such as Nestlé, Unilever, Carrefour, Starlet Innovations, Treet, and more. We provide these leading businesses with a solar PPA to help them lower electricity costs, enjoy reliable electricity and become more sustainable.

Besides Pakistan & UAE, do you have presence in any other international market?

UF: Yellow Door Energy is 100% committed to supporting businesses in Pakistan become cleaner and greener through renewable energy.

In addition to Pakistan & UAE, we also have solar power projects in Jordan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Agility is one of our company’s core values, thus we are nimble, agile and always assessing new market and product opportunities to help businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

What makes you stand out in the highly competitive solar power market? why should businesses pay attention to your offerings?

UF: A solar power purchase agreement, or PPA, is a long-term contract with a performance guarantee on the solar plant. There is no capital expense. The business owner would pay a monthly solar bill once the solar plant starts generating electricity. This is similar to how you would pay a monthly utility bill.

The main benefit of a PPA is that it is a performance-based contract, where the risks are taken by the developer, not the business owner. Yellow Door Energy is responsible for financing, designing, building, commissioning, operating and maintaining the solar plant for the project tenure.

Does Pakistan have any renewable energy target?

UF: Yes, Pakistan does have a renewable energy target. According to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change, our nation aims to have 60% of the national power mix derived from renewable energy, including wind, hydro and solar, by 2030.

Besides solar power purchase agreement, what other services do you provide?

UF: To complement our solar offer, we also provide hybrid or energy storage solutions. This is to address the reliability issue of power supply in Pakistan.

By signing a solar PPA with Yellow Door Energy, businesses enjoy lower electricity costs, with a reliable power supply, and from a clean source of energy.

What are the main hurdles that are slowing down the process of solar energy adoption in Pakistan? How are you going to overcome those hurdles?

It is no secret that our country is facing an energy crisis, in the midst of continued pandemic woes and inflationary issues, all wrapped in the imminent threat of climate change.

The good news is that we are a resourceful, resilient and resolute people. We have a highly educated and motivated workforce, along with industry leaders who understand the importance of commerce.

Uninterrupted and reliable electricity supply is integral to the operation of any successful business. Solar, and a combination of solar and storage, are a great way to address the energy crisis issue.

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