Noon Academy is making quality education accessible for everyone during Covid times

The platform has been offering free of cost online classes to over 8 million students registered on the platform.
Updated 30 Jan, 2021 12:26pm
Aziz Alsaeed and Mohammed Aldhalaan,  co-founders of Noon Academy
Aziz Alsaeed and Mohammed Aldhalaan, co-founders of Noon Academy

Noon Academy (NA), an international EdTech startup, is offering free-of-cost, live classes for all major subjects with Pakistan's top teachers through their mobile application and website.

With the online study platform boasting 200,000 students subscribers from over 250 cities of Pakistan, the Academy ascertains comprehensive exam preparation for 9th to 13th grade students for all major boards in Pakistan (Matric and Intermediate), and O, A Levels (Cambridge).

Adapted for smart syllabus, the platform is enabling students, affected by challenges in a Covid-struck world, to prepare for upcoming exams from the safety of their homes.

What is Noon Academy?

Currently headquartered in London, Noon Academy is one of the fastest-growing EdTech startups in the world, connecting some the best teachers to students in realtime.

Besides covering all major subjects for classes from 8th till 13th, the platform also prepares students for entrance tests of some of Pakistan's top universities, such as LUMS, IBA and NUST.

“We want to democratise high quality education in Pakistan and empower all students to learn from teachers they like, in the way that suits them and with safety. Through our platform we want to make the best teachers in Pakistan affordable, accessible and available for all students in the country and help them achieve their goals in life," shared Country GM at Noon Academy, Umair Babar Chishti.

Staying true to its mission, Noon Academy is also promising scholarships worth Rs1 million to deserving students.

About Noon Academy's faculty

The instructors available at Noon Academy are highly-qualified with some accredited from overseas institutions like Harvard, INSEAD and King Edward while others from local educational giants like IBA, LUMS and more.

How is Noon Academy ensuring effective learning?

Infamous for its one-size-fits-all approach, conventional learning employs ‘pushing’ techniques which involves students to sit inside a classroom as passive listeners.

On the contrary, Noon Academy utilises a more participative approach, ‘pulling’ students towards knowledge by providing them with virtual, engaging classrooms involving interactive elements such as gamification, study groups, team-based learning and contests to ensure real learning; the academy also offers guidance on practical subjects like personal effectiveness, career counselling and life skills.

As of today, Noon Academy is operational in eight countries with over 8 million students actively using this platform.

In order to attend their live and free of cost classes every day, download their app here or sign up on their website.

Here's how new students can sign up:

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