Falcon-i will now power tracking and fleet management services for Jazz business customers

Customers can now control their valuable assets from a self-care portal powered by the vehicle tracking company.
Updated 24 Dec, 2020 11:06am

Falcon-i, an IoT fleet management company in Pakistan, has recently secured a new corporate deal with Jazz.

The 'Solutions Partnership' has entrusted the vehicle tracking company with powering the mobile network's IoT sales, as well as monitoring their fleet, tracking fuel consumption and live streaming videos of their assets.

Jazz' business customers can now connect and control their most valuable assets from a self-care portal powered by Falcon-i; the portal has been named as Jazz Biz View (JBV) .

What does Jazz Biz View do?

JBV is a centralised security solution for office buildings and vehicular assets with advanced analytical management on a self-care portal.

Through this end-to-end surveillance solution, businesses can secure remote warehouses, corporate offices, passenger transport vehicles, moving trucks etc., and take control over day to day operations as well as movements with real-time visibility, customised analytics, asset tracking and several other features.

What's in store for Jazz' business customers?

The partnership will present myriads of new features for Jazz customers which are powered by Falcon-i.

From white labelled vehicle tracking to fuel management and optimisation and live video streaming, the features guarantee maximum security for vehicles.

The four new Falcon-i powered products offered by Jazz are:

1. Falcon-i's Video Live Plus

Want to keep an eye on your loved ones but do not know how?

This product would not only ensure 24/7 vigilance, but also record a road trip and control how far the car goes.

2. Dashcam (Falcon-i's Video Live)

This feature allows live video access from multiple cameras in different viewing angles. With the right vision, it can help ensure the safety of both the driver and the cargo.

3. 3G camera

A 3G GPS tracking camera watches the vehicle closely and alerts the user immediately in case of a mishap.

4. Vehicle Tracking System – Standard VTS

This tracking technology allows complete visibility and regular updates to its users.

From where the vehicle's been to how much it has travelled, it comes complete with geofence alerts and standard reports sent straight to your cellphone.

About Falcon-i

Falcon-i is a privately held IoT based fleet management service provider offering vehicle security and tracking solutions across Pakistan.

The company is currently serving around 160,000 customers and over 100 corporate clients.

Find out more about Falcon-i on their official Facebook page.

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