Army Public School attack: Azaan Toraylay — Age 13

Son of Major (retd) Sohailur Rahman and Zil-i-Huma Gul SohailSiblings: Hayan Nangyalay (19), Hassaan Baryalay (17),...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:20pm

Son of Major (retd) Sohailur Rahman and Zil-i-Huma Gul Sohail

Siblings: Hayan Nangyalay (19), Hassaan Baryalay (17), Aman Gul Sohail (14) and Wadan Numyalay (8)

Azaan Toraylay was true to his name (Toraylay means brave in Pashto). Remembered by his father as a brave boy, Azaan wished to join the Pakistan Army like his father. Once, he even performed guard duty when his father’s vehicle which was on its way from Quetta gave way in Shikarpur on the Grand Trunk road. His father says Azaan kept watch through the night so he and his friends could sleep.

Azaan was also fond of keeping pets. His father recalls how when Azaan passed, not only was his pet dog sad and wept for his owner, the dog also got sick and for about 20 days and refused to eat any food given to him.

Young Azaan was also fond of playing cricket. He would urge his father to arrange informal cricket tournaments with his friends. He was close to his father, who remembers him more as a friend than a son. Whenever Azaan entered the house, he would laugh and say how young his dad looked.

Proud of Azaan, his family regards him as a brave boy. But the tears in their eyes betray how with him gone, their life has changed so much.

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